Home for Christmas Again!!!

I’m so excited that I could actually be around family I absolutely adore for the holidays again.  Due to my ups and downs with my hip, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it. As I sit at the kitchen table, looking out the balcony window at the backyard, I feel so wrapped up with warmth of a home and a family.

I’m so glad that I am surrounded by awesome traditions, little nephews, and Christmas chaos. That’s the joy of this time of year, especially when you feel like you belong. These are positive memories to remember and probably scrapbook, that is, if I have enough pictures for it. 🙂

Boyfriend’s family is my family. I have traditions now!!! No more being alone for Christmas anymore. I’d scoop up all the lonely people on Christmas and bring them here, to be surrounded by people and the craziness of Christmas.

F – Fun times around the holidays.
A – Amazing traditions that stick with you until the next year.
M – Memories made.
I – Individuals come, individuals go.
L – Love surrounds everyone, like a blanket.
Y – Years of family, from now on.

That’s what they mean to me, and this time with them. I never like to leave, but I know now, as long as it can happen, it will happen again.

Newest Album of The Willis Clan – Top 5 Favourites

Hello all!!!

This is my first blog from my knew website, which is absolutely awesome!! I’m deciding to do my top 5 favourites of The Willis Clan‘s new album, Speak My Mind. I will post the lyrics as well as the song itself to listen to.

5 – How Much of Me is You – Lyrics


   A little kid growing up

   Interested in music

   This is something you should learn

   Cuz dad says you’ll use it

   So focus hard and concentrate

   And put in your time

   The life will be worth the wait

   This is your mountain to climb


   I’m standing on a stage now

   Shaking scared to death

   Excited where this life might lead

   And I can’t catch my breath

   People give the credit

   Where the credit isn’t due

   I wonder every time I play

   How much of me is you


   You made it people say

   I wish that I was you

   I wink and grin but I don’t think

   They know just what I do

   Cuz there are thorns on these roses

   Of celebrity and fame

   There is something slightly off

   But I don’t know it’s name


   I’m standing on a stage now

   To leave it would be death

   Excited in this life I lead

   And I’m loving every breath

   People give the credit

   Where the credit isn’t due

   Still I wonder every time I play

   How much of me is you


   Now I understand

   Things that made

   No sense

   That life is gone

   I’ve no pretense

   That what you did

   Was wrong


   I’m on a different stage now

   My life might be a mess

   But I’m seeing where all this might lead

   And I know that I’m not less

   People give the credit

   And you’re not a part of what I do

   Still I wonder every time I play

   How much of me is you

   Still I wonder every single day

   How much of me is you

   Still I wonder every time I play

   How much of me is you

5 – How Much of Me is You – Audio

4 – What Life’s About – Lyrics

The bigger picture

Fading slowly out of sight – yeah

The simple structure

Giving way to crazy life – yeah


When it seems like all that’s left is a lie

And tomorrow is the day that we die

Keep the truth

Keep the faith

And look to the sky


Baby don’t give in

To doubt

You can believe it

Do without

You didn’t need it

Never let your light so shine

Go out

Cuz this is what life’s about

Hey – hey – uh-oh


Keeping focus

Give up everything within – yeah

I think you noticed

Just how hard it is to win – yeah


When it feels like things are out of control

You just got to keep your eyes on the goal

With your heart

With your mind

With your soul



It’s not a stupid story or a random name

It’s not about the glory or the fortune and fame

Open up your mind to the powers that be

Cuz there’s so much more to life than you and me


4 – What Life’s About – Audio

3 – Speak My Mind – Lyrics


This will probably stay locked away

And only come out on a rainy day

Cuz I will probably go and never show

Everything little thing I want you to know


If I speak my mind

Will you take the time

Will you try to find a way

If I take you there

Will you say you care

Will you understand and stay

There’s got to be more courage I can find

To speak my mind


I will stand alone even though

I’m dying inside to trust you so

But I am so afraid that once betrayed

There I’ll be once again hurt and played

Oh and I pray



Speak my mind


There’s got to be more, got to be more courage I can find (repeating)


There’s got to be more courage I can find

There’s got to be more courage I can find

To speak my mind

3 – Speak My Mind – Audio

2 – Paper Dolls – Lyrics


Look in my eyes

Look at my soul

I’m broken so – shattered the pieces fall

This is your fault

Look what you’ve done

Clearly I’m – nothing to you at all


The emptiness

The desert in your eyes

Is giving you away

Your promises

That I’m the only one

Are gone today


Cuz we’re nothing more to you

Than paper dolls you tear in two

Till there’s nothing left of who

We were before we fell into

Your nothing world

Of nothing girls

Where everybody knew

It’s what you do

Cuz we’re nothing more to you


Open your mind

Please try to see

Your shadow is – taking control of me

It’s not what I want

It’s not what I need

My heart longs to – sail on an open sea


My brokenness

Is nothing in your eyes

And it’s pushing you away

I promise this

It’s over and I’m done

It ends today



Than a good time

Like the last time – whoa

(I hear you say)

Oh you’ll be fine

Say you’ll mine – whoa

(Still you say)

Oh we’ll get by

Please don’t cry

We’ll find a way

I won’t stay


Cuz we’re nothing more to you

2 – Paper Dolls – Audio

1 – I Choose Life – Lyrics


   I know you heard

   Something happened in my past

   I never told you cuz

   You had never asked

   But that’s ok

   It’s gonna be alright

   I was young, innocent

   And I didn’t know

   And I’ve decided not to

   Let it keep me low

   So I’ll say

   I’m gonna be alright


   And ooh – oh baby

   It’s my choice and

   Ooh – it’s not maybe



   So now you know

   And I’m asking what you think

   So tell me baby

   Are we gonna swim or sink

   So I ask are

   You gonna leave tonight

   So tell me baby

   Will I get the chance to sing

   I need to know if you’re still

   Thinking ’bout that ring

   Cause I need you

   To hold me tight


   And ooh oh baby

   Cause I love you

   And ooh – It’s not a maybe


   Do you choose life

   And choose love

   And choose everything we’re dreaming of

   Don’t wanna fuss

   Or fight

   But I’ll do anything to make it right

   So say with me tonight

   I choose life


   I decided not to let it get me down

   And I decided I would turn my frown around

   So here’s the thing

   You can handle it with grace

   And if you’re happy

   Well please notify your face



I choose life

I choose love

So get up and get out

And go live your life

It’s on you – it’s on me

To go and make it right

I choose life

1 – I Choose Life – Audio

So, this is my top five list of favourite songs off of this album. Let e know what you think!! 🙂

Time to Relearn Myself

Those who have followed my blog for a while may or may not remember me speaking of my chronic pain issues. Well, hold on, this is a new kettle of fish, a kettle of fish I’m still wrapping my head around, and learning. I’ve had a period where I couldn’t walk for three months, but that only involved my left knee. Now, I can’t walk because my left knee, and my right hip have an issue.

So, for the very first time, I require someone to transfer me from any place to my chair. This is easy,  but hard to accept. mostly because I’ve seen me bounce back. I may, I may not, so I gotta be ok with where I’m at, and still live life. In hindsight, what I’m learning most during this hospital stay, I’m really learning where to not cross a potential painful and harmful line, just so I do something myself. I’m good at asking for help, but not always in this way.

They didn’t do much with me, besides see if I could walk, or transfer, but no. So, tomorrow is home day for me, and I will have a lift at home for the very first time. I’m getting forms s5artted here in hospital for funding for my own lift, as the lift that’ll be at home tomorrow is a rental. This, I can say is another Faithful First for me.

I’m going to take this as it comes, and along the way, ask eighty million questions, and figure out the same me, but some parts relearned. That’s  the key there. I’ll be posting pictures maybe soon, to let people into the world I live in. At the end of the day, I’m still faithful.

Welcome to the Generator World!

So… you probably wonder why this blog title, but considering the only reason I’m writing this blog is I’m where power is… power, as in generator… Who knew a tornado would touch down in the Ottawa and surrounding area? That’s just not really common… at all.

The tornado decided to come, and Ottawa and surrounding area couldn’t catch up to get power restored quick enough. Again… thank goodness for generators, where there are, anyway. I’m currently sitting at the college where generators are running to give the college power.

Literally taking this time to charge up my devices, which is a very smart thing to do. Hello, f3 tornado? What? Here? Ottawa? Excuse me while I faint. That never happens. I’m gonna praise generators until actual power returns. I can guarantee that. Oh yes. Welcome to the Generator World, Ottawa!!

I’m still rather stunned at this mess. Just… wow… as I have my mouth open in astonishment. The city’s power grid as well as the province’s power grid hasn’t been this messed up since the ice storm in 1998.

Clean up on aisle power, clean up on aisle power.

What a mess.

Let Me Introduce Myself!

This may be an odd title for those who have known me, or are getting to know me now. Trust me when I say I’m different, but in a very positive way. These changes would be best suited told by those who have seen. them happen, other than myself, but here it goes anyway.

I feel more confident about where I’m heading, than I’ve ever been before. I’m destined to finish up math, and either go straight into nursing, or do a year of health science to get more math first. The choices are endless, as I am currently going back to intermediate math class, as of this coming Monday. Yes, this coming Monday. I’m also giving, someone who was supposed to be my adoptive mother, Gillian, the death stare in doing this. I’m conquering this when she said I wouldn’t be able to. Oh, and I am also gonna get a resume together and start applying for part-time work, which she also prevented me to do. See? Two big changes right there.

I can definitely feel happier about going into school this time, knowing I am doing this for myself, and no one else. I’m grateful for who is supporting me in this, but if you aren’t, I’m still going to do so anyway. This has always been my dream. Now it’s time to make it my reality.

I’ve had three songs that always resinated with me, and until recently, I now realize how much, whereas I didn’t before. Not quite, anyway.

Good Enough – by Cimorelli

Your Way (Bonus Track) – by Love & the Outcome

It’s Your Life – by Francesca Battistelli

These three songs all have one thing in common, keeping going when the going gets tough. I learned that most definitely throughout this past year, and how the first two songs were definite stages of my life, but the third song speaks who who I am now, and that I’m taking my life back, because it’s my life. No one else can live this life the that I present. Only I can.

Thirst For Life

This title may be self explanatory to some people, and maybe not to others. Cimorelli created this song for their mission, when they went to Havana, Cuba as part of the Clean Water Fund, helping bring clean water to there, and other communities where they don’t have clean water. For those who wish to contribute, they created their fund called the Cimorelli: Clean Water Fund. Donate, if you are able.

Now for the song, here it is… lyrics first:

Thirst For Life – Lyrics

There is a river flowing out from the throne of God
And there stands a tree whose leaves are for the healing of the nation
All who draw near to our God see the compassion in his eyes
He says

Come to me all who are thirsty for living water
Come to me all who are thirsty for life
All who thirst for life
All who thirst for life
Come to me

There is a hope in our hearts as we join in your name
To serve side by side through your grace
And share this living water
Freely we sing, freely give
See in their eyes it is Jesus
He says

Come to me all who are thirsty for living water
Come to me all who are thirsty for life
All who thirst for life
All who thirst for life
Come to me

Come to me
Come to me

Oh, Jesus, you mean everything
We join as your heads at your feet
You are the living water that satisfies forever

Come to me all who are thirsty for living water
Come to me all who are thirsty for life
All who thirst for life
All who thirst for life

Come to me all who are thirsty for living water
Come to me all who are thirsty for life
All who thirst for life
All who thirst for life
All who thirst for life

Come to me

Ooh, come to me
Come to me, ooh

Thirst For Life – Song

Again, I post this to help Cimorelli.

Donate now… if you can!

Behold, Tactile Tapestry!

Yes, spread the word!! I’m finally doing paintings again, all thanks to my new routine. Since I had to withdraw from school again, due to ongoing medical issues, I thought to put painting in its place. Why?

Why not? Besides, A, the sooner I get paintings done, the sooner my Etsy shop can officially be open! B, it is also a great coping mechanism for what I’m going through medically, and the unknown that comes with it.

So, a great idea all in all, for all of you, as well as for me. Cheers to painting!

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The Occasional Back Fold Becomes Usual?

Let’s start with November and work to today.

So, I’ve always dealt with my back folding occasionally, for whatever reason, I still don’t know, but this time was quite different.

One Sunday in November, I started to notice my back hurting, though I just thought it was my normal scoliosis issues I’ve dealt with, so I just rested, like I usually do when these happen. Got up on Monday morning, realizing I could no longer sit up, except with support. I still thought, ok, maybe my back is just being “paperback” as I’ve called it many times before. I waited the whole day, and it didn’t get better. If I had to use the washroom, I had to be held up as I got there, but fearing with every step that my back would buckle. Ouch!!!

Fast forward to early Tuesday morning… I was waiting on an ambulance to take me to the hospital to get this looked at. The doctor who saw me just thought it was pain related, so he got me pumped up with drugs, which, of course, like I knew, didn’t help the back folding situation any. The emergency doctor got me to walk, after all the meds, and finally he realized that pain wasn’t the issue. So, I was admitted.

Fast forward to when I actually got a room. The medicine doctor anted to get a CT and x ray of my back so they knew what they were dealing with. They didn’t tell me at first what the diagnosis was though, which is what upset me somewhat.

Physiotherapy came to see me and wanted to see me sit up on the side of the bed. I told them I couldn’t, without my back folding, but I did it just to show them… and it did. Both my physiotherapist and my nurse saw it. So, since I couldn’t get up on my own, PT wanted the nurses to use the tack lift to get me up, which is what they did.

The next day I went to the PT room and with two therapists, I attempted to stand using the parallel bars they had. That didn’t work so well. My back folded as soon as I stood up. Mel, who was the official PT suggested lowering my center of gravity by bending over slightly. That worked for my back, but put tremendous pressure on my right hip, which pain already radiated to anyway, but this made it worse. Then came the idea of the platform walker they had! I’ll tell you right now… genius!!

The platform walker started off on its lowest setting, which enabled me to have a lower center of gravity.

The walker was on this setting for approximately two days The next two levels don’t have a ton of difference visually, but each setting had my back straighter and straighter.

Since I was doing so well with the platform walker, PT thought I’d be strong enough now to use a two-wheeled walker. I, of course, was nervous at first, or shall we say “cautiously optimistic.”

Doesn’t that look like success to you? It sure does to me. Now, it had been two weeks, almost three that I’d been there. The final step before actually going home to heal the rest of the way on my own was my crutches!

After that weekend on crutches, my own crutches, I was discharged home. Oh, and I finally got told within this time period what was wrong… I had a herniated disc… that’s a first for me… a Faithful first. Now, fast forward to:

February – Family Day of all days….
So, here we are again… there’s a lot to tell that got me here, specifically, but this time was also very puzzling, since I don’t know when it all started. There was a winter storm in January, and I was traveling from Blair station, heading to what I call my second home. Once I got there, I took the side path to the apartment door, but since it was snowing rather bad, I tripped on the edge of the pathway, and my hip gave out, my right hip to be exact.

It took me a few days to recover from that fall, but then I went back and did my normal, as close to it as I could manage. Then, at the start of February, my friends and I went to winterlude, which was so much fun. Unfortunately though, I had to walk too far for my hip at that moment, since we got on what was the last shuttle bus to where we were going to, but we didn’t know this until later.

Fast forward to Family Day weekend. On Thursday of that weekend, my back gave out again, but with crutches, I was able to mobilize around the apartment, and still visit my friends’ apartment. That was until Sunday…

I was laying down, and as I tried to turn over, my back gave out again. That was when the possibility of my herniated disc being aggravated again came more into view, but still didn’t know for sure… keep in mind, even though I went into hospital again, I never truly knew for sure… once admitted, they just followed the same treatment as in November. Great, but I still would’ve wanted to know for sure.

Back to the lift, and platform walker…

Used this until I was discharged on Tuesday. This round, I had to experiment a lot on my own, since people really didn’t keep an eye on me or anything. Not much, anyway. But now I’m home, and on the road to recovery again. Because I had to use my last week of leave from Academic Upgrading this time when I was in hospital, when it expired, I would’ve been still in hospital, which meant, for now, I had to withdraw. This does give me time to recover though, as long as I return within six months.

This book can close anytime now though… yay woo it’s a Faithful first, but not a fun or exciting one. I took my time writing this blog for that very reason.

Andrea’s Bar and Grill!

This show was completely a country show! I was given a challenge, and I went with it!! Also, in case you are wondering, although I explained it on air, why Andrea’s Bar and Grill, when I’m DJ Faithful? Well, firstly, the whole bar and grill fits with the country theme, and Andrea was my name when I was born, from my biological family, so that name is with me just as much. For those who were able to tune in, I truly hope you enjoyed it!! For those who weren’t able to tune in, that’s what the archive is for!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!!


  • Don’t Ruin It for the Rest of Us – by Mark Chesnutt
  • Settlin’ – by Sugarland
  • On Your Lips – by John King
  • Think of You (duet with Cassadee Pope) – by Chris Young
  • Friends in Low Places (Long Version) – by Garth Brooks
  • Little Moments – by Brad Paisley
  • Take This Job and Shove It – by Johnny Paycheck – (Request)
  • It Happens – by Sugarland
  • Aw Naw – by Chris Young
  • Life is a Highway (Live in Concert) – by Rascal Flatts
  • Rhinestone Cowboy – by Glen Campbell
  • Believe – by Emerson Drive
  • Footloose – by Blake Shelton
  • Stars Tonight – by Lady Antebellum
  • Freestyle – by Lady Antebellum
  • That Summer – by Garth Brooks
  • Irish Medley – by Dixie Chicks
  • I Won’t Let Go – by Rascal Flatts
  • Alcohol – by Brad Paisley
  • Flat on the Floor – by Carrie Underwood
  • Nothin’ but the Cooler Left – by Chris Young
  • Neon Light – by Blake Shelton
  • Two Pina Coladas – by Garth Brooks
  • What If – by Emerson Drive
  • Old Country – by Mark Chesnutt
  • Here’s to You (Live in Concert) – by Rascal Flatts
  • Georgia Rain – by Trisha Yearwood
  • Hey Country – by Montgomery Gentry
  • Easy Come, Easy Go – by George Strait
  • Remind Me – by Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood
  • Friday Night – by Lady Antebellum
  • Honey Bee – by Blake Shelton
  • Baby Girl – by Sugarland
  • Country Girl (Shake it For Me) – by Luke Bryan
  • I’m Headed Your Way, Jose – by Chris Young
  • Small Town Big Time – by Chris Young