What do you Mean Needles Don’t Hurt?

Today, I went to get blood work done. First, had to find a place that was open, because once I’m out, might as well get poked… ow. Except, this time was different.

This, I will say is a first for me. The girl who did my blood work somehow found a miracle vein. Let me explain this… normally, even if someone finds a vein, it’s usually much more painful, and has my anxiety riding on its edge. Today, all that worry, and by the time all my worry and anxiety was flowing through me, it was done… just like that… and, here’s the shocker, I can now say for probably one time only, that needle didn’t hurt. Wait… wait? They’re supposed to hurt, at least with me…she had good touch. I wish I got her name, because I’d personally go to that location again if I had other blood work, just to get her. She was amazing!!!

This is for sure a Faithful first for me… I hope, if I have to get poked, more times happen like that. I’m still astonished… it didn’t hurt… whoa. I can now understand James when he says, if he has to get poked, he just sits there and takes it. Normally I’m not that lucky. Thank you veins for being wonderful today, and to a great person to do it.

Long Time No Write… I know

Good morning to all you people who read this blog. It’s been a long while since I wrote, so I thought I’d do so while I have a few moments and maybe some things to write about.

I’m currently up at my friend’s house whom I babysat for last night, and it seems sleep didn’t show up. My body did not get the memo to sleep… at all.

So, what’s new with me, you probably ask? I had to withdraw from my program thanks to medical reasoning, which was tough to swallow. I am, however, working with them to see if I can do it with adaptations in the fall.

I’m also trying to do a lot of painting, and I did some Christmas cards last night, which was definitely nice to do. Though cold out, it’s good to be awake this morning, and relaxing.

Things I thought about doing today…

  • Do some more painting and complete the last of my Christmas
  • Do some shopping for grocery stuff.
  • Make some more crafts and try to be creative.

So, that’s the plan for today… and spend time with my boyfriend, which will be nice. I am so glad to be up today, even though I should be sleeping.

I hope all is well in the world of you readers, and I will try to find things to write about more frequently.

Welcome Aboard, New Baker!

This may sound a little off to all my blog readers, but if you’ve read my blog before, then you shouldn’t be surprised, though let’s be real, I am.

I’m super excited to inform the blog reader world that I am taking Baking and Pastry Arts Management in exactly a week. I never put two and two together until James helped me apply to the program at Algonquin College.

I can become pro in the industry that crept up and said hello, you know how much you like to bake/host people… yeah, that won. Smile 

The program I chose is a two year program, and I get to come up with a business plan for my own restaurant/bakery… yep, another thing to excite me!!! Smile 

Can it be September 3rd yet? Please?


Oh well. Yes, that excited!!! Open-mouthed smile

I’m so excited to show you all my journey!!!

Until I have more to post, this is it… for now.

I will post soon… promise. Open-mouthed smile

A Week Sick… Gastritis… Really?

This started a good portion before the long weekend, as I was almost severely nauseous, but not throwing up, thank goodness. It took when I went out of city for dog sitting duty with James to know why I was so sick. I went to Pembroke Regional Hospital to get looked at while I was there. While there, I had trouble with my veins, as per usual, but finally got an IV. They gave me several rounds of fluids, did blood work and a CT scan to make sure it was nothing serious.

After the CT, I was told I have basically an irritated stomach, as known as Gastritis. Kinda scary when you have zero clue what that is. I was given a few doses of Pantoloc to calm it down from its overreaction. Then I got a prescription for Celebrex and a strong stomach protection med, which  protects my stomach. I’m gonna probably get a scope done to see why this happened, so we can take measures in the future.

I’ve had acid reflux, but my goodness, nothing like this. Hello to another Faithful First.

Now, I wanted to explore Pembroke and Petawawa, but not like this.


Doing better day by day, but my stomach still hurts when I eat, but that’s what pain pills are for.


Emergency Dog Sitting… Let’s Go!

This title might explain it all, or it might not. I spent the long weekend out of the cit at James‘ parents’ house looking after their two dogs for the weekend. I really got to test myself this weekend when taking out Willy and Cassy together. That was a challenging, but fun task, as Cassy likes to pull, a good amount. Being that I am smaller than James is, I could get pulled over easier, but I didn’t. Go me!!!

I even got ready faster one day, so I took both dogs out. But mostly, I took Willy and James took Cassy. It was a team effort. I’m so glad I was able to spend a weekend out of the city, and help out at the same time. I honestly miss there already. Seriously. It’s as close to country as I can get, which is so awesome. All in all, a relaxing but productive easy weekend. One thing I’ve learned is for myself personally, if I get a dog, I’ll get a standard leash, instead of a retractable one’.

If I have a dog who runs, standard leash it is for me. That is what this weekend has taught me.

James and I, all in all, had an awesome weekend. We even went for a good walk early on the day we came back to the city. Such a refreshing visit though.


It’s Catch Up Time!!

Good early morning to all!!!

I’ve not sat down and written a blog in a long while. I’m organizing myself for what to do in my future. I’m also taking a course called Alpha at Eastgate Alliance Church. Every Thursday people come together at the church for it, as well as a free meal… a good meal too. It’s only happened for one week so far, which I joined. So awesome!!! What else is new with me? A fair bit. My friend snd I went to see a Ballet this past Saturday, which was good.

I’ve also been able to help my friend out, and she got me introduced to the gym, which now I have a YMCA membership, which is awesome, and I can use it at any Y. I love it!!! I switch between the /y in Orleans and the Y downtown. I have options, which I absolutely love. I’m so glad.

What I’ve been doing otherwise… resting from on and off migraines, which annoy me.

On my way out, what am I currently listening to?

Cimorelli‘s cover of Start Again

As for now, this is the end of this blog post. There’s the catch up you’ve all been wondering about, I’m sure.

A Very Productive Day

Good afternoon to all you blog readers. I had quite the productive morning this morning, painting wise. I completed two paintings, and part of a third is drying now. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, my boyfriend gave me the marvellous idea of painting dream catchers. So, that’s what I did. I did one dream catcher that looks like it is hanging from the window, and one with a lighter blue background with just the dream catcher itself. 

For those who wish to see my artwork, you can go to:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tactiletapestry/
Facebook Page: http://wwww.facebook.com/tactiletapestry/

Go check it out!!!

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Testing a New App

Hello to my blog readers.

I am testing an app I found on the Mac App Store for writing blogs. The only thing I’m not sure about is putting posts in categories. That might just have to happen online. Oh well.

I’m really hoping this blog sends and goes to my website. This rambling ramble is done for now. Followers, I really hope this goes through. 🙂 I really do!!

A Very Random Post

Good morning to all you blog readers. Apparently today is a random post day. Why? Because, why not? I’ve been up since 7am or so this morning and probably going to do some more paintings for Tactile Tapestry today. Also, if weather doesn’t suck, I’m going to do a few errands.

Just trying to think of what to paint today, though my boyfriend had a wonderful idea… dream catchers. I’m not usually an intricate painter, but it’s a good challenge. 🙂 I love challenges. I’m so excited to do a ton of paintings within this year. I also know that I want to do other artistic things.

Now to figure out where to actually make pottery, and not just paint it? I’ve gotta research that. That’s another project for this coming year. Let’s see what happens. All you blog readers, if you have other artistic ideas, comment and let me know!!! Oh yes, please do!!!

Maybe that’s something I can look into today while I wait for meds to show up…. hmmmm…. great idea.

Well, this post is going on and on, so I’m gonna stop for now.