An Engagement Present that I Never Expected!

Dear Nana;

It’s me, your granddaughter from the physical world. 🙂 It feels like ages since I wrote you last, but at the same time, it feels like not long at all. Wedding stuff is going slowly, but it’s going. When I was living at a retirement facility for a bit in 2012 for my knee, I met one of the staff there that was awesome and I still keep in contact with. Anyhow, this is where my story begins.

Nana, I’ve been trying for days to get tickets to a Third Day concert on May 30th. John’s wife, Tammy wrote me a message today that said her and John, which is the guy I was speaking of in the last bit, wouldn’t be able to make the Third Day concert. So, in turn, they are giving Steven and I the Third Day tickets!!! Wait… really? Yes, really Nana. I was in shock, but at the same time so grateful to them. Here’s the other awesome part, Tammy said that the tickets would be their engagement present to us! Can you believe that?

I can’t. I’m still in shock, and at the same time, super excited!! Never been to a Third Day concert before, and neither has Steven. Oh, Nana, I am so grateful! I know you’ll be with us as we go to that concert, and I thank you in advance.

I will write you more wedding stuff as it happens. You are wonderful, Nana, and you are definitely missed.

Love always,

Your Faithie

Church Fees Almost Paid Off!

Dear Nana;

Again I write to you. I think it is fair that I keep you updated, isn’t it? Well, here’s my update thus far. Steven and I are taking care of the church fees first, and we’re almost done. We only have the minister fee to pay for. Someone that Steven knows, by the name of Andrew offered to pay for the organist fee, which was a huge help!

I’m sure if you were still here, you’d contribute in some way. Or, maybe you are, and I am just not seeing it yet. I’m still grateful though, and glad I am tackling these fees before anything else. It helps me with budgeting after, for my dress and so on. As I’ve mentioned to you before, my color scheme is royal blue and silver. I love those colors together!

I still need to book an appointment, and start looking for wedding dresses. Also need to figure out how much I am willing to spend on a wedding dress. Oh, Nana, so much to think about. I’m just glad I can write to you often, no matter if you hear my thoughts or not. Although, I know you do hear me, each and every day.

So, I will keep writing to you as often as I think of things to tell you about. Until then, this letter is complete!


Your Faithie

Letter to Nana – When Will Engagement Ever Sink In?

Dear Nana;

I told you I’d write to you often, and here I am keeping that promise. Oh, Nana, I found a really awesome site that has tons of wedding stuff, from wedding dresses, to accessories, like ring pillows and flower girl baskets. Not to mention, they’re in my color scheme, royal blue and silver! How awesome is that! What’s the site? It’s called Etsy.

I met up with Steven’s mom, dad and niece today, since they wanted to get me a “welcome to the family,” gift. A few minutes after I was officially engaged, his mom and dad told me they had something for me… what was it, you ask? It was a new jacket!! One problem, that particular one didn’t fit my shoulders well. So, I got to pick out one that fit today, and I absolutely love it! 🙂

I’m so close, but yet so far away from becoming Steven’s wife, and his parents daughter-in-law… whoa! *Faints!* His mom already calls me her daughter-in-law, which throws me for a loop, a good loop, but still a loop.

Nana, is this really happening to me? Can someone pinch me, please? I don’t think I’m awake yet… it still seems too surreal for me. Was it that way when you got engaged, many years ago? I bet you couldn’t believe it until the wedding day actually came!

One of Steven’s nieces, Talia, already considers me her aunt. I feel rather humbled by this, truly. I never saw any of my nieces, Nana, and you unfortunately know this. Now, doesn’t it feel wonderful to say I’ll actually see them? Steven’s nieces are mine now too… boy, does that ever feel awesome, but weird all at once!

Nana, what else can I tell you now? Everything is still in the making. I’m fitting together my wedding vision, piece by small piece. You’re always in my thoughts, through it all! I thank you! 🙂

Now, dearest Nana of mine, I must sleep. Going to church in the morning, then getting my hair washed, and trimmed. I also have my online radio show tomorrow as well. I will write again soon to you, I promise.

Until then, I am hoping everything you see is in your favour too! 😀

Letter to Nana – I’m Getting Married!

Dear Nana;

As you probably already know, I am engaged!!! Yes, Nana, I found someone special, just like you said I would someday, and I have. Who knew! You, and He did! It’s amazing to say, but shocking all at once.

Of course, Tara is my Maid-of-Honor, absolutely!!! Why wouldn’t she be? Even through the times where we weren’t talking, you knew we would, if not only to keep the wedding promise.

I was looking for a particular wedding dress I found on Saturday, but for some reason, I can’t find it now. Today, however, while searching for it, this other wedding dress kept popping up. That was your selection for me, wasn’t it? Plus, you obviously knew this dress comes in silver! Great, Nana, but that dress isn’t quite my style. I’m sorry! I’m grateful for your contribution though, through spirit!

The theme so far surrounds who you are, an avid scrabble player. You and Steven would try to beat each other if you played one another, I just know it! It makes me laugh every time I think about it! Hence why the invitations will be royal blue background, with silver scrabble letters, in honor of you! 🙂

Nana, I seriously wish you were here through it all, physically, I mean. I think I’ll always wish that, until the very day– May 21, 2016! This chosen wedding date commemorates your birthday being on May 18th, and Steven’s grandmother passing away on May 26th. Fitting, isn’t it? We thought so!

I think throughout this process, I will be writing several letters to you, telling you how my preparations are going, even though you’ll probably already know. I still like to write them out anyway.

Oh, lastly, Nana, did you know that Steven’s mother knew me when I was small? Did Gillian ever tell you? I couldn’t believe it! Manotik and Greely are such small communities, aren’t they? Small worlds do happen!

And now, I will end this current letter to you, but will always update you, even though you probably won’t need it. I’ll do it anyway, though! 🙂

Thank you, Nana!