First Trial Completed – Now a Waiting Game Once Again!

So, as I expected, I was super excited for my trial with a power wheelchair yesterday, and it went well!! I think I shocked my OT, Laura, and the person who brought the chair out, Emily. They both were rather impressed.

I firstly traveled in my house, and they both said that’s usually the trickiest part. Then I proceeded to outside, and went down my sidewalk, tested the bumpiest sidewalk from hell, is what I call it without a power chair. I am surprised at awesome I did with that.

Here’s proof of said awesome trial!! Super stoked!!

Faith in Power Chair

Next step:

Laura and Emily are gonna come back out with the ADP authorizer, Marie, and gonna do another trial. I so can’t wait for that!!! Can it come now, please?

Please… now…

This particular blog is done.

Two Awesomes in One!


So, I finally got to see James‘ apartment for the first time. We had planned this since we started talking again. So, it made sense to come see it for the first time when I dropped him off, since he had been staying with me for a little while.


Welcome back down memory lane…

Yes… this building is so similar to the building I stayed with him in… welcome back to Highgate days. Only difference? A rather more accessible version. Also, this one has a balcony as well.


James Apartment


Welcome to the second awesome…

So, after the nostalgia sweeps over me, and the grand tour almost complete, what do I get shown last? The place, and thing that almost made me not meet up with my friend that day.

Almost passes out in reclining patio chair… such the life…



Almost passed out in this chair… and I have proof…

woman lying on the chair inside the staircase during daytime




Accessibility is Slowly Coming My Way!

So, thanks to James‘ idea, I’m starting now to post pictures on my blog. Artistic me, why didn’t I think of this sooner? Probably because a blog is not a scrapbook- really. 

This is where it begins…




This piece I have been waiting for, for awhile. Most of the OT’s I’ve had didn’t know how to go about getting it. Only because, ODSP doesn’t fund this lift. I got the inspiration to pursue getting this lift through a friend of mine, Frank. This lift helps me with my overall independence, and it’s a long time coming.

Faithful's Bath Lift


About the Bath Lift