Shunt Surgery… Again?

It honestly feels like yesterday since I’ve had my last shunt revision. Yet, it has been a year ago or so now. I went into hospital this time, around early Friday morning, from what I can recall. The neurosurgeon who did my last shunt revision told me to only be concerned when my headaches wouldn’t go away with rest. This one sure didn’t. It got worse. Over time, nausea crept up on me too! Yuck!

So, instead of going around the bush, I went straight to the Civic Hospital, which cut down my waiting time by half, I’d say. This time took a lot quicker than the last time did. I can definitely say that much, all because I acted on it quicker. That’s how I got home quicker, because I got my energy back faster.

I’m starting to understand my shunt better now. Until last year, I haven’t had any issues with it until that point in time. Why I’m suddenly having issues now? I have no idea. Well, at least I don’t feel quite like crap as I did. That’s the good news!

I’m at home by myself right now until Steven returns with a 2L bottle of coke, the rest of the pizza bagel bites, and the rest of the tomato sauce for pasta.

Seriously considering resting this afternoon, and making sure I am ready for our New Year’s Celebrations! Yay! Super excited about that! 🙂

As for now, I do believe this blog post is complete! Hoping this next blog post isn’t so rant-like! For now, however, this blog is now done! Hoping to write better things within the next few days! Yay!! 😀