One Crack of my Ankle Sends My Knee into Endless Pain!

Well, this title should say all… this morning was fine, I wasn’t in near as much pain as I am now. When I was sitting in the living room talking to my sister about random stuff, my body decided to stretch… fine, dandy. Except, my ankle cracked, which was what started this whole pain cycle with my knee. Pain radiated from my ankle to my knee, and ever since that point, I have been in extreme pain ever since. I even had to take my long acting pain med, as well as my top off one. Has it helped? Not so far.

Steven assisted me in the bathroom just after I took my pain meds. Here’s a sign that it will officially be, as soon as Steven returns with it, a transfer board day. Why? As I pivoted with his assistance, my knee gave out and I fell onto the toilet… ugh, ow!!!

Now I am patiently waiting for Steven to return with my transfer board. If only he could come back soon enough… pain isn’t getting better. It’s staying the same. IF someone were to ask me to rate my pain on a scale from 0 to 10, I’d exceed it and say 20!!! Ow!!

Well, this rant of a blog is done. Too much in pain right now.

Insomnia + Carving Knife feeling in Knee = Not Much Sleep!

Only four hours of sleep last night… why? Knee pain has kept me awake since approximately 6am, but I technically woke up at 5am. Woke up and had to use the facilities, but then I couldn’t get back to sleep since. Knee started to hurt as soon as I got up… ow! Not a fun way to start your Saturday! I probably see a nap happening today… ugh! Starting to really despise my knee, and the pain it constantly puts me through.

Still figuring out how to embrace it, embrace the newer me. It is most definitely hard… absolutely! Everyone that is close to me can see that I’m in pain, even though I try to handle it the best way I know how to. Hopefully sleep will come later, as I definitely need it! Thank you knee for being a, pain, literally! Trying to keep myself awake sitting up, and it isn’t working too well. I’m sooooo exhausted, but my knee hurts and I can’t sleep because of it. I think I might call my pharmacy today and see if I have my Trazadone still on file. I hope so, as I think my other sleeping med is starting to not work as well. Being that it is probably getting used to my body, which makes it not as useful. That just might help me sleep tonight. Ugh!

As for now, trying to stay awake. Let’s see if I succeed at this staying awake thing. Stupid knee! For now, I am done ranting about the day in the life of Faithie’s knee. I shall blog something more productive soon.

Pain + Lack of Sleep = Can Tomorrow Come Sooner?

It’s a very rough morning for me this morning. Only got about an hour and a half of sleep last night. Woke up with stabbing pain pulsing through my knee, and on top of that, insomnia paid a visit too! I’ve been up since probably around 2:30ish this morning… so here I am, almost barely awake, but awake at the same time.

Not to mention, Steven wasn’t feeling well last night, so I ended up staying at my house and sleeping on my sister’s bed, while he slept on mine. This made it easier for me if he needed anything. One problem, I left my meds at Steven’s house, because that’s where I am sleeping until I get a higher bed for myself. I have to go to the Appletree tomorrow to attempt to talk some sense into the doctor that will be working at my closest location tomorrow. Trying to let the doctor know that I take narcotics, and I need refills. I also need to mention that my family doctor is in the west end at an Appletree there, and I rarely go to that end anymore, so I need a doctor at the closest Appletree to me. This should be fun… not really.

So, this is where I am at now. I am out of both my pain meds, and my knee is killing me… really? How smart I am to keep forgetting to see a doctor… my knee is making up for it now! Now, I must try and stay awake today and I am hoping to get my grocery shopping done… hoping. It all depends how Steven is feeling, as he is still resting now. He seems better, but being the inner nurse I am, I don’t want to push him too much.

Anyhow, hopefully I won’t have to wait long at the Appletree tomorrow, as I will be leaving Steven’s around 10am. Hoping I get prescriptions tomorrow. I really hope so.

Hopefully also I can remain awake today.

Home Again… Still no Signs of Improvement

First off, I must embrace, not reject. Even though I am now at home, and using my sister’s bed to sleep on when I need to, no sign of improvement on this whole leg straightening thing. Although, when I don’t forcefully try and bend, it will bend sometimes on its own when I am lying down now. So, I’m trying to lie down a bit each day to receive my knee pain a little. Plus, I just feel more tired due to my upper body being relied on more.

Still… this frustration of not being able to put on my left boot continues… that’s the annoying part, I think. I don’t normally like to use para, unless I have to. Since I can’t put my left boot on, I’ve been left with no choice but to use para. That is, unless I don’t wake up in time to book for the next day’s travel… just like I did by accident this morning, I only ended up waking up at 10am to Steven coming to check on me, and to also tell me I had an hour to get ready to go to the Rideau Centre today, but I knew I wouldn’t be up in time, considering Steven woke me up from a daze.

So, here I sit while everyone is gone out, and I somehow just wish my knee would cooperate and let me go out too! That’s all, but I guess I can fit myself with some piece of good, there are people who could be bedridden because of their pain, but I obviously still find this new stage of my knee a bit frustrating.

I believe, however, that I should see if there is a support group with people who may have CRPS, and if there isn’t, I should start one. That’s the positive approach I will give to this, making as many people who have CRPS comfortable with their own selves as they possibly can.