Why Am I Still Here? I Have to Be… Unfortunately.

Written on November 18, 2016


So, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually been back at home, and the day I returned, I found a booklet on the ground in front of my door. The only reason I actually saw it was because it was put there, and the text on the front page was actually in a size I could read… for once, and only the front page.

What was this about? That evening there was a mandatory AGM… AKA popularity contest, if you really think about it. Why do I say this? Let me attempt to explain.

Every year they have a vote for who gets on the board. Twice, within the time I’ve been here, I’ve attempted to run for it, and each time not even really getting through. I’m truly starting to think; why do I bother?

Also, why does a co-op have a site that is down? That’s not a good look for them. I firstly came here because I loved the atmosphere, but now I’m starting to wonder if I just came here out of disparity.

A conclusion to all this mess, before I ramble on and on about it, I am not on the board, nor do I have material for the meetings in the format I need it, or any other material for that matter. So, why did I exactly waste my evening? Oh yeah, mandatory. Officially, not impressed… at all, actually!! Four plus years later, and people are still dragging their feet.


I am officially done!

Uncooperative Co-Op!

So, here we go again… round… I dunno.

I still can’t believe how sucky the management is for this uncooperative… yes, Glenn Haddrell, I’m talking to you. I’ve already written so many blog posts, and emails about this, and to them. I’m *still* ranting. Uncooperative, I wonder why.

Let’s go back to when I first moved in. You people wanted me to sign a contract, yet, I never got the contract, and not even in an accessible format. That’s only *one* issue. Only one… but there is more… much more.

Let’s move on… issue number two… some of the tiles in my kitchen are raising, and are becoming unsafe. If it weren’t for the fact I had company here, I totally would have fallen flat on my face… literally. Just for reference, here is a picture of how unsafe this is.

Raised Tiles

That issue has been an issue for ages, and I have emailed them, and sent in paper copies of work order forms. Did they listen yet? Nope. Thanks Glenn Haddrell… NOT!!!

Second maintenance issue… I have had a broken washing machine for two weeks, and as a result of that, my Personal Support Worker, (PSW), has to wash the things I need by hand. This can be a very tedious process. Yes, Glenn Haddrell gave me a key to the laundry room, but I really can’t get there safely… really, un-co-op? Really? Uh huh… apparently.

All this crap makes me so angry, beyond belief. I ended up writing an email to an organization to tell them of these issues. Hoping to receive an email from them. Let’s see what happens.

As my anger somewhat continues to roll off me… thanks, Uncooperative, Co-Op!

This rant is done. Spread the word!

I Could Easily Fall… Because of You!!

So, as most people know, I live in a wheelchair accessible townhouse, which honestly I love!! Here’s the huge problem, management sucks ass! Why? Let me explain.

Firstly, there is only *ONE* maintenance guy… *only* ONE! How stupid is that? Whenever I’d ask for maintenance to be done b, they’d do it… but do such a poor job at it. Oh, and the story does *NOT:* end there…

Once my roommates moved in, the maintenance work that was needing to be done was seriously declining… why? I believe it’s because of how many cats the have. That seriously should not effect anything. Of course though, it does.

Now, let us get to the pressing issue… the significant cracks in our bathroom floor. Firstly, I could easily trip and fall because of those cracks. Secondly, and honestly most importantly, there is mold growing underneath those same cracks in our bathroom floor.

My roommates have put in *three* work orders to get this issue fixed. Management *claims* that since our maintenance guy has returned from medical leave, he has been backlogged. Fine, great, wonderful… here’s the kicker though, from July 17th to the 31st, said maintenance guy is going on vacation. Really? Not to mention, not a single work order of ours has been looked at… not impressed Due to the mold under our bathroom floor could eventually affect my roommates’ and my health if this isn’t dealt with soon.

One last thing, if it weren’t for me needing wheelchair accessibility in my home, then I would honestly move out!!

For now this rant is complete… for now, key word.