A Fixed Computer Would be Nice!

I’m here again writing from a library computer… nice that they have this option, but I honestly miss my own computer, my own space, my own place to do what *I* want! Even though the computer I am on is unrestricted, I still feel restricted somehow. Why? Let me explain in more detail.

I know this may sound quite defeatist, but I honestly was, and still kinda am, ready to give up on my IMac, however, there is a place called Eight Stop Computers. They fix anything from windows machines, to Macs. Problem is, I don’t trust easily.

Initially, my friend Steven and I took my IMac to the Apple Store in the Rideau Centre. The technicians there determined it was a hardware issue, and not a software issue. It failed a hard drive test. So, to fix it there woulc’ve costed $314, before tax, since I did not have Apple Care.

So, since I was kinda, and still kinda am in the defeatist mood, I thought about buying a used windows computer. Instead of Steven just asking about that, when we went to Eight Stop Computers, he had spoke about my mac. I knew he was trying to help, but I still wanted to research the windows computer option a bit more before submitting to anything, with regards to my IMac.

So now because Steven graciously submitted for me, I’ve gotta wait three days for it to be fixed by Eight Stop Computers, which apparently is cheaper… much cheaper, in fact. Although, my fear is just because that place fixes Mac computers, doesn’t mean they have the know-how to *actually* fix them.

Oh well… what’s done is done. Now it’s the hell of waiting for *my* computer.