Welcome to Seasonal Colds… Not!

I am sitting here waiting until Steven  brings my wheelchair to the place where I am at. Right now I am sitting at the Tim Hortons and blogging. .
Thanks to having very little sleep, due to a cold that decided to show itself, I only slept approximately three hours. What woke me up, you ask? My cough that makes me sound like a seal barking… ow!
Stupid me decided to walk to the bus today, instead of using my wheelchair. I think the hill I have to climb, plus my knee hurting after, plus my cold drained me.
Now that I have Buckley’s Nighttime pills, I “should” ha ve a better night’s sleep.
Colds really drain me.
That is all.

Have a Cold… Merry Early Christmas?

This title says how I’m feeling now. Firstly, I didn’t sleep well last night, and will most likely take a nap this afternoon. Secondly, when I woke up this morning, for sure I had a cold. Sinus pressure on my nose, great way to wake up… not!

Once I actually got up and got myself breakfast, I also realized my taste buds are on their way to being shot… yay, or, not! I knew this cold would come eventually.

I have decided that I am glad it came now, and not in the middle of my performances of The Nutcracker. That would’ve sucked even more! Most definitely!

Now I am sitting up listening to the K-LOVE Christmas stream, and I’m bored kinda. I’m also rather tired too, but don’t wanna lay down until I have my meds here when Steven brings them.

I just generally feel like crap. Ugh!

This sicky rant is done… I promise!