Uncooperative Co-Op!

So, here we go again… round… I dunno.

I still can’t believe how sucky the management is for this uncooperative… yes, Glenn Haddrell, I’m talking to you. I’ve already written so many blog posts, and emails about this, and to them. I’m *still* ranting. Uncooperative, I wonder why.

Let’s go back to when I first moved in. You people wanted me to sign a contract, yet, I never got the contract, and not even in an accessible format. That’s only *one* issue. Only one… but there is more… much more.

Let’s move on… issue number two… some of the tiles in my kitchen are raising, and are becoming unsafe. If it weren’t for the fact I had company here, I totally would have fallen flat on my face… literally. Just for reference, here is a picture of how unsafe this is.

Raised Tiles

That issue has been an issue for ages, and I have emailed them, and sent in paper copies of work order forms. Did they listen yet? Nope. Thanks Glenn Haddrell… NOT!!!

Second maintenance issue… I have had a broken washing machine for two weeks, and as a result of that, my Personal Support Worker, (PSW), has to wash the things I need by hand. This can be a very tedious process. Yes, Glenn Haddrell gave me a key to the laundry room, but I really can’t get there safely… really, un-co-op? Really? Uh huh… apparently.

All this crap makes me so angry, beyond belief. I ended up writing an email to an organization to tell them of these issues. Hoping to receive an email from them. Let’s see what happens.

As my anger somewhat continues to roll off me… thanks, Uncooperative, Co-Op!

This rant is done. Spread the word!

What Happened to Accessibility?

Let me start from the beginning on this one. I moved into my current home in 2012, and I’ve had issues with accessibility since I’ve moved here. Yes, the unit is accessible, but that’s the only thing that really is. I’m honestly so annoyed at this point.

When I first moved in, I had asked the co-op manager to send any memos, or important notices to me by email, as I am not able to see the print. You’d think by now they would get the point, and I’ve been living here for 3+ years.

This is where it all starts… not a happy camper. A few days ago, Steven went out to put something into the mullic, which is where we put our garbage. When he returned, he had noticed a notice on the ground outside my doorway. He had read it to me, luckily, but that’s beside the point.

The note had said that I had missed a mandatory co-op meeting on November 18th, and because I missed it, I would have to pay the $25 fine. Firstly, I had no idea there was even a meeting, all because the memo was left in my co-op’s memo box, and it was not emailed to me like it should’ve been.

Oh yes, and it also said on the notice that if I don’t pay the fine, I could be evicted from the home that is accessible to me. Well, accessible as in wheelchair accessible. When I first was told that the co-op manager had no problem in emailing the notices to me, so I would know what is going on. Although, that has never happened.

Do you, or don’t you know what accessibility is? I’m honestly getting tired of them not following through with what I have asked for, for years. Part of me wants to speak to the registry, and maybe find a different housing unit for me. Part of me doesn’t even think I should pay the fine, because  they are breaching accessibility, and making memos easy to access when visually impaired, or blind.

I am honestly not impressed! I wish they made accessibility laws more enforced in Canada, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Which is why I’m not sure how to go about this, for the thousandth time it feels like, anyway.

No idea where to go from here. This isn’t right, and I shouldn’t be fined for something I had no idea about, because the memo was not in an accessible format for me , I had absolutely no idea. It is not someone else’s responsibility to read my memos, and anything that is in small print.

How on earth do I address this? Anyone who has advice for me, you are welcome to leave in the comments below… so stuck! So annoyed too!

All right, for now this rant is done! I’m so fed up!!!

Accessibility… Meet the Prefix *In!*

Today was a celebratory day, nine months for Steven and I. Most of it was awesome! We went out to dinner at Casey’s, and then I suggested checking out the karaoke place he spoke of. Most of that was ok too…. key word, most… not all! So, after some pepsi’s, and Steven singing four songs, and me singing two, we thought about heading home… fine, dandy…

First we needed to use the facilities… thus us were the rant begins! Steven wheels me to where the washrooms are, and we figure out I can’t fit with my wheelchair into the narrow hallway where the washroom is… really? Everything else seems accessible enough, but that isn’t?

May I add, as soon as I stood up, that triggered my knee to throb, and trigger quite a hefty series of spasms thereafter. This, mind you was before I even made it to the washroom. Steven had to assist me in getting to, and into the *girls* washroom. Why? All because of inaccessibility in that area. This, of course made my knee far worse… not impressed!

I’m home now, but as a result of this inaccessibility, I’m using my wheelchair… even in my bedroom. Knee hurts too much to even think of trying to walk with crutches, let alone independently. I’m now in pain because of this… thank you Caco’s for an excellent evening of karaoke, and having the shittiest setup for your washrooms… that is all!

Now, I’m done!