The Non-Wrestling Fan Has an Opinion!

I can appreciate a good storyline, which is probably why I sat through endless episodes of Raw and Smackdown with my sister, and roommate, Chara. (You can view her opinions on her blog: Since I haven’t been watching wrestling for very long, I can only form opinions on recent events, and of Wrestlemania itself. So, on that note, here it goes. Honestly, who ever knew I’d be writing an opinion blog about, wrestling? *Faints!*

I actually don’t know where to begin here. Let’s start off with the intercontinental title, which Daniel Brian, or, if you prefer, the Yes-Man won! I partially saw that coming, but at the same time, didn’t. I’m always amazed at the turn of events that happen in wrestling… period. So, of course, the whole stadium was chanting “YES” for his win! What a way to start the show!!

Secondly, has Sting bitten off more than he can chew? Maybe. Yet, we still try to support his vision, to take Triple H down. Did that happen at Wrestlemania? No! In fact, Triple H, dressed as the terminator when he entered, he won! He won, just like he was set out to do. Very disappointing for Sting fans, but I see a confrontation on either Raw or Smackdown this week, and it definitely won’t be pretty.

Now, the Knockouts tag team match? The Bella twins thought they would won. Did that actually happen? Nope! Paige and AJ Lee came together to win that tag team match! Here’s a prediction for Raw. Paige and AJ Lee go back to being enemies now that the match is over. Chara and I both see Paige requesting a match out of AJ, and vise versa. We shall see on that.

Who beats The Undertaker? No one, except one did! This time, however, Bray Wyett bit off more than he could chew… and swallow! He always said he was “The New Face of Fear,” except The Undertaker proved that “The Old Face of Fear” still prevails. I would say after this match up that Bray Wyett was shivering in his socks. Even I know that you don’t mess with “The Old Face of Fear.” I already see Bray Wyett milking it for all its worth until next year’s Wrestlemania. Mr. Wyett won’t get a rematch like he so wants.

I know I’m mixing the order up, but the next match that comes to mind is the match between Randy Orton. Randy, of course, won against Seth Rollins. He, of course was pissed after that match ended not in his favour. From what I remember of him, I didn’t like Randy Orton at all. When I started watching wrestling with Chara, I realized I didn’t like how sure of himself Seth Rollins was. So, Randy was the lesser of two evils.

Oh, yes… the match between Rusev and John Cena. Rusev was the United States Champion, and in my opinion, he didn’t even deserve it. He’s from Russia, damn it! I can’t say if I like, or dislike John Cena, but he definitely took care of Rusev at Wrestlemania. After the match, you could see Rusev blaming Alana, his sidekick, shall we say… or, maybe not after this match?

And now the intense match between Roman Raynes and Brock Lessner… what an intense match! Just when we thought Brock was going to win, when Seth Rollins intersected the match, and cashed in his money. This meant that he could compete in this matchup, how unfair is that? Seth Rollins was so pissed about Randy kicking his ass that he intrudes on this match? Or, rather, he didn’t *just* intrude, he won the whole damn match! So, now *he’s* the World Heavyweight Champion now. Did he deserve it? Not really. I know though that I was more shocked by the turn of events that took place. My sister, however, she was more livid than ever, but I definitely could see why.

So, that’s Wrestlemania. This is the start of more opinion blogs to come, I think. Even though I’m not a huge wrestling fan, I can still appreciate a good storyline, and make predictions on said storyline. Maybe I’m more of a fan than I realized? Nah! Not likely! 😛

Well, this opinionated blog is complete. Enjoy the read!