Making my own Thanksgiving!

Well, since I haven’t blogged yet today, I thought I would now. Today is technically Thanksgiving Monday, and today is the day I ended up making my own Thanksgiving with Steven. We went out to breakfast at Gabriel’s, and it was nice to do that, especially being what today is.

My honorary family and I had our dinner on Friday, and I thoroughly enjoyed that too! I’m very thankful for the people I have in my life, and in all honesty, I am thankful for the people, even though I may not be talking to some of them, for their help in being the ones to help me find my new sense of self. I was in a very reflective place today, and so I thought I’d at least thank those people.

Now I’d say this post is done. Not much else to write. I did, however, write a poll for all you readers to take. It is a Thanksgiving themed one. Votes can happen until probably tomorrow around this time. Enjoy!