Holy Crap! I’m Engaged? Someone Pinch Me Please!!

Good morning to all my blog readers! Have I mentioned I am still in shock? Well, I most definitely am!! Why, you ask? Let me explain!! Most of you readers remember me talking about Steven being my boyfriend. Now, as of early this morning, he is now my fiancé! I know, I’m still in shock too. He brought as many people as he could together for New Years, to prepose to me. Holy wow! I still can’t believe it!!!

I have been asked this morning if I suspected, or thought anything was going to happen. I may have suspected, but I denied every single inch, because as much as I wanted it to happen, I honestly wasn’t sure it ever would! So, now I’m engaged… imagine that! As much as I wanted to, I didn’t see that coming!

Steven’s family ended up giving me a winter coat as a “welcome to the family,” gift. Future in-laws? That still feels awesomely weird to point out… holy crap! Now I’m an engaged woman, and I never expected it in a million years! Never! Someone pinch me, please! As Sarina put it, “do you need someone to pinch you to make sure it’s real?” Oh, maybe this time, I do, yes!

As I am still in shock, and will probably be in shock for days! I am officially engaged!! Again, holy crap! 😀

Officially this shocked me of a blog is done!