Perfectly Unbalanced = Awesome Show!!

Yesterday night was definitely an awesome night! Why? Jeff Dunham’s tour stopped in Ottawa last night! Woot! Even though Steven and I aren’t together, I still took him because A, he hasn’t seen Jeff Dunham live before, and B, he was the one who saw the advertisement for it, and called for tickets promptly at 10am on October 2nd. So, seriously, why wouldn’t I bring him? It only made sense.

I have already seen Jeff Dunham once with my friend Frank a few years back, but the only difference now was I got floor seas so I can see the whole act better. One other thing was different, characters that were on his latest DVDs were finally introduced, such as Little Jeff, for instance. The only character that was missing in yesterday’s show was Jose JalapeƱo on a Steek! Oh well… everything else was absolutely awesome!!

Oh, as I am writing this I am finding more and more differences. Last time I saw him, he was still with his former wife. Since then, he has been divorced, and found himself a new wife. Plus, they just had twin boys. I bet Jeff was happy to not be the only guy in the house now. Although, Steven didn’t think he would mention about his twins, but I knew he would… and he did! I was right, again!

All of his acts brought up the twins, as well as the presidential election. Walter took a stab at our frigid winters here, he was saying that Jeff’s agent was a moron for sending them there, at a tire centre no less, and at 2 degrees… fahrenheit!! Absolutely hilarious!!! Steven were too far from the front row too, so I could actually see the puppets on the Jumbotron! Awesome!!

Even though you’re not *technically* supposed to record it, we did. The quality isn’t that great, but it works. Steven had to keep the phone in his pocket to not raise suspicion. All in all, an awesome evening!!

Enjoy this recording!

I definitely recommend going to see him if you are a fan, and haven’t gotten to see him live yet. He is awesome!! Oh yes, one more funny thing, somehow the humidifiers he uses for his shows went missing, so he was wondering where to get them in Ottawa on a Saturday afternoon. His crew found them at Walmart… one was spongebob, the other was Hello Kitty… Just…. hilarious!!! Did that night have to end? Too bad! Well worth the admission price.

Perfectly Unbalanced Show

Awesome show!!