Top 5 Favourites on Enya’s “Dark Sky Island” Album!

I just got Enya’s latest album called “Dark Sky Island.” I am loving it all so far, but I obviously have my favourites from what I’ve listened to of it. So, here we go!

#1 – Track 1 – The Humming…

Why do I like this song? Enya’s vocal range has always impressed me, and this song shows it, for sure.

#2 – Track 3 – Even in the Shadows

This song is light, but still a bit upbeat which I like. Her layered harmonies in this are awesome!!! It’s pretty high up there in my favourite list..

#3 – Track 5 – Echoes in Rain

It is really difficult to try and pick an order, but this song is a bit different for her… still her with the tone of the music, but the style seems different to me, which I quite enjoy!!!

#4 – Track 10 – The Loxian Gates

I like this song because it has the same sort of tempo to the song “The River Sings” on one of her previous albums. I loved that song, and so I love this one, just as much for that reason.

#5 – Track 6 – I Could Never Say Goodbye

This song shows her wide range, from her low notes to her highest ones. This is a song I’d listen to again and again probably, but probably at the top of my list.

So there you have it. Now I should go to sleep before insanely early reaches me. Hope you enjoyed this top five though!