Welcome to Another Update – Excited to Still Work Forward in My Business!!

Good day to all my fellow readers.

I hope you’re well. It seems like I have some gaps between writing blog post… welcome to writer’s block. We all know about that!! First things first, though maybe some of you have seen my posts about it online, but I have a puppy. It obviously isn’t easy, and my patience gets tested, but I truly adore her. Of course, also for those her know me well, her name is Andrea. She means the world to me.

I’m excited as I’m going to try and go to East Gate Alliance Church‘s Free Market outreach event on June 3rd. It’s a time to meet new people for those who haven’t been there, as well as get free stuff. My friends Silvana and Eric are joining me, but only for a little bit, but it will be nice to show them the church I go to. Plus on that day, there will also be a free BBQ, which is awesome!!! I can’t wait!!!

I am so happy to continue growing in my Farmasi business even if I don’t have a ton of customers, but it also brings me out to not only show people on social media about the products that Farmasi has, but also showing the basic day to day things as well. We just gotta show ourselves, which I’ve always done, but this company gives me purpose. Here’s where you can look at what all Farmasi has, and I’d love to show you!!!

Also, as of a few weeks ago, I’ve been promoting this a lot because I wish I had this song I’ll share shortly when I was young. The cool thing is, this song has shown me just how far I’ve come.

This song came out May 19th, and I love it! Cimorelli made this song for survivors!!! It’s called, SKIN. Such a good song!!! Let it be your anthem!!

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for updates for now

I will write again soon, as I obviously enjoy it.

Life Update!!

Hello to all my faithful readers and maybe even those who are new. If you are new to my blog, welcome!! I’ve been blogging for a long time now, but I have to remind myself how therapeutic writing  is for me, plus it gives people a snippet into who I am… and all situations… the bad, the good, and the ugly. Anyway, on with the update.

There’s been a lot within the past months that has gone on. First and foremost, I am no longer taking Baking and Pastry Arts Management. I will say though, in spite of it all, I got people to see that even in a wheelchair, it still can be done. The only reason I withdrew was the decorating classes were causing me migraines, and I’d usually have a five hour lab the same day. It just made it so difficult. I was sad to withdraw, but I told it to my awesome team at Farmasi, and they really helped me see that maybe it isn’t quite the right fit for me, and to not push my health. Since I’ve joined with them, I’ve gained more perspective on things, and confidence as well which has truly helped!!

I also have awesome news, even though it is a struggle at the moment… I have a puppy!!!! Her name is Andrea!! I ended up getting her through a good friend of mine, and her previous situation was absolute crap!! I absolutely love her colours!!! When I first met her, as much as she was walk amongst her brothers and sisters, she often came to lie down by my chair, which is what sealed the deal!!!! I always thought that if I ever had a child, I’d name her Andrea. That’s my birth name. Since I don’t have a child, however, a fur child is the next best thing!!!!

I will say, I am grateful to Steven for his help with her!!

Anyway, that’s enough for one post.

I will write again soon.






In the meantime, here’s a picture of Andrea and I.

Welcome 2023!

Good evening all!!!

I want to wish everyone a happy new year!!! I also want to make this year a “wow” year!!! Who’s with me?

Firstly, I want to let everyone know that eight new products dropped at Farmasi today!!! New eyeshadows, masks, hairspray, and so much more!!!

I cannot wait to contact bakeries for my field placement this semester!!! It’s going to be an awesome term!!! I have so many goals for 2023 that I can’t wait to get going!!!

Who else has goals for 2023? I cannot wait to hear them!!!

Let’s go!!! <3 <3 <3

It’s Been a Hot Minute

Good evening to all my readers.

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, and I feel lyou all deserve a post on what’s happening. I had a busy fall semester in school, and though I didn’t succeed in all the courses I was supposed to finish due to a breakup, but feel much more on my feet now that I’ve given myself time.

I’m continuing Baking and Pastry Arts Management in January, which is both stressful and exciting. I can’t wait to share it with you all as I go in 2023!!

I’ve also been really enjoying a new brand and trying to extend myself out there by not just posting about it, but sharing my life a little more… it all starts here with this blog that I’ve sadly neglected until now, but plan on writing more in 2023!!!

I would like to just share about the brand I’m now a part  of that I truly enjoy, and figure you may as well!!! The brand is called Farmasi, and it has so much to offer I can’t even believe it!!! Just giving you a sprinkle, and I’d love to share more with you all!!!

Truly grateful to this company and it is making me want to post more and be more present.

I truly enjoy writing these blogs, just have to remind myself of this!!! Open-mouthed smile 

I will be returning with more blogs!!

Thank you all for reading!!

Major Update and New Dentist

Hello to all my readers.
Yes, it;s been awhile, but life happened.

First things first…
I finished my second semester in reduced course load. So, technically, I finished year 1, semester 1 in two semesters…. I past the baking practical 1 with a D!! Trust me I celebrated that!!! I knew it would be difficult, just didn’t completely realize how difficult, but I did it!!! In the fall, I will be doing the the theory portion of semester 2 for year 1!!!
One of my goals to possibly make it easier when I do the Baking Practical 2 is a talking kitchen scale!! We’ll see how that goes!

Secondly, I’ve kept putting off trying to find a dentist, due to my previous experiences…but I finally found one, and he’s awesome, just wow!!!
Holy cow, did I ever find out sooooo much!!!
In my first visit about two weeks ago now, I found out this:
1. My jaw issues I have are due to a sevvere overbite essentially taking over my jaw…
2. I was not scolded due to the problems I have with my teeth… decay, etc.
3. He has an awesome technique to distract while freezing my mouth
4. He has a payment plan for things that weren’t covered.
All in all, he’s awesome!! Point, blank, and the period!!

I’m hoping to write again soon, as it’s been way too long…

A Close-Knit Christmas!

Good day all!!

It is officially New Years Eve, and I haven’t blogged in sooooo long!!! Steven and I had a quiet Christmas!! It was a good one though.

On Christmas Eve, we listened to our church’s livestreem for the candlelight service. What an awesome service that was!!! This was a good way to end Christmas Eve!!

Finally it was Christmas morning… we had a small-knit Christmas, but the gifts Steven and I got were a ton… very grateful!!! We also exchanged our gifts to one another. I got him a journal with his name engraved on the front and a message on the inside… I had him struck to silence, and then he cried. I could tell the gift moved him, which made me happy!! I got a canvas for me to paint on. We each had our own stockings too. Over all, a great Christmas morning!!!

Later that day, Steven’s parents brought over Christmas dinner to us. Oh my goodness… was it ever good!!! We even used the battery operated candles they gave us to add to the dinner.

All in all, a very good Christmas. Maybe next year, we’ll be able to celebrate Christmas with his family again!!! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, who reads this!!!

Life Update Along with Creative Me!

Good day to you all!!!

I thought I’d actually blog again. I’ve been painting a bit the past day or so. It feels nice to be creative once again. I’m hoping to make more paintings as soon as I find ideas on what to paint. I got some canvases, and I made a canvas to a friend/honorary Auntie for her birthday in October. I’m excited to give it to her!!! I’m planning on framing the canvas so she can hang it where she likes.

Besides painting, or shall I say, getting back into painting, I’ve been trying to relax a ton, along with other personal matters I won’t divulge here. Feeling peaceful though, in the midst of it. But I also had a wheelchair malfunction, so I had no power usable power chair for at least two weeks. I’m so thankful I have it back and usable again.

Another update, I’m hoping, maybe in October to apply for college again for the Baking and Pastry Arts Management program. I hope I can pull through this time and graduate. I’m definitely excited for that though!!!

One last thing to say, I’m still waiting for a call from Orthopaedic doctor in regards to my hip. Trying to be patient in the meantime though.

Oh, bringing this back to painting for one last point. I’m looking for suggestions on things I could try and work on painting. Feel free to reach out to me on:

Feel free to follow, like and message me with your ideas!!!

Long Time No Write… I know

Good morning to all you people who read this blog. It’s been a long while since I wrote, so I thought I’d do so while I have a few moments and maybe some things to write about.

I’m currently up at my friend’s house whom I babysat for last night, and it seems sleep didn’t show up. My body did not get the memo to sleep… at all.

So, what’s new with me, you probably ask? I had to withdraw from my program thanks to medical reasoning, which was tough to swallow. I am, however, working with them to see if I can do it with adaptations in the fall.

I’m also trying to do a lot of painting, and I did some Christmas cards last night, which was definitely nice to do. Though cold out, it’s good to be awake this morning, and relaxing.

Things I thought about doing today…

  • Do some more painting and complete the last of my Christmas
  • Do some shopping for grocery stuff.
  • Make some more crafts and try to be creative.

So, that’s the plan for today… and spend time with my boyfriend, which will be nice. I am so glad to be up today, even though I should be sleeping.

I hope all is well in the world of you readers, and I will try to find things to write about more frequently.

Emergency Dog Sitting… Let’s Go!

This title might explain it all, or it might not. I spent the long weekend out of the cit at James‘ parents’ house looking after their two dogs for the weekend. I really got to test myself this weekend when taking out Willy and Cassy together. That was a challenging, but fun task, as Cassy likes to pull, a good amount. Being that I am smaller than James is, I could get pulled over easier, but I didn’t. Go me!!!

I even got ready faster one day, so I took both dogs out. But mostly, I took Willy and James took Cassy. It was a team effort. I’m so glad I was able to spend a weekend out of the city, and help out at the same time. I honestly miss there already. Seriously. It’s as close to country as I can get, which is so awesome. All in all, a relaxing but productive easy weekend. One thing I’ve learned is for myself personally, if I get a dog, I’ll get a standard leash, instead of a retractable one’.

If I have a dog who runs, standard leash it is for me. That is what this weekend has taught me.

James and I, all in all, had an awesome weekend. We even went for a good walk early on the day we came back to the city. Such a refreshing visit though.


It’s Catch Up Time!!

Good early morning to all!!!

I’ve not sat down and written a blog in a long while. I’m organizing myself for what to do in my future. I’m also taking a course called Alpha at Eastgate Alliance Church. Every Thursday people come together at the church for it, as well as a free meal… a good meal too. It’s only happened for one week so far, which I joined. So awesome!!! What else is new with me? A fair bit. My friend snd I went to see a Ballet this past Saturday, which was good.

I’ve also been able to help my friend out, and she got me introduced to the gym, which now I have a YMCA membership, which is awesome, and I can use it at any Y. I love it!!! I switch between the /y in Orleans and the Y downtown. I have options, which I absolutely love. I’m so glad.

What I’ve been doing otherwise… resting from on and off migraines, which annoy me.

On my way out, what am I currently listening to?

Cimorelli‘s cover of Start Again

As for now, this is the end of this blog post. There’s the catch up you’ve all been wondering about, I’m sure.