Ten Years Already? Feels Like Yesterday, I Just Joined.

I am totally in a reminiscing mood. I started with Propeller Dance in September of 2009, and even though, due to medical issues, I had to step back every once and awhile, I’ve truly enjoyed my time. This Sunday, at Community Day, Propeller Dance is commemorating 10 years. I can’t believe it!!

It feels like yesterday, when I joined, about two years or so after their birth, if you will. Ten years already? I can’t even believe it! I’ve been with Propeller Dance for approximately seven/eight years. Boy, has time flown by? I’ve often thought about, if I ever decided to move, to start a branch of Propeller Dance in the city I’d be moving to, if they didn’t have an integrated dance company of their own.

That’s always been at the back of my mind. It’s something I’ve been thinking about since I thought about going to college in London, Ontario, but decided against it, since there was no integrated dance company there, to continue my dance skills. So, since then, it’s been at the back of my head, to spread the awareness about integrated dance.

For that, and many other reasons, I can’t wait until this Sunday to commemorate ten years of Propeller Dance!!!

For now, though, this blog is complete.


It’s Dance Time!!SoStoked! Let’s Do This!!!

Just finished the last rehearsal until mid January. It’s Community Day this Sunday, and I seriously cannot wait!! I got to have a solo, which was not planned. I’m so excited to actually be showing off what we’ve been working on thus far. I actually wish I could have all my blog readers see this work in progress. I’ll definitely post a video once the performance is done. It features a lot of structural inprovization. Since we are celebrating Propeller Dance’s 10 year anniversary, we’re developing this piece around the number 10. It’s awesome!!

10, 9,8,7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1… let’s go!!!

Yes, shhhh, don’t tell anyone that this countdown is a part of the dance piece we’re working on. I am truly excited about this!!! If it wasn’t for my sore ankle, I’d want to do this piece right now. Oh well… that just means I’ll do my best and put my all into the performance when it actually comes time to do it.

I am so excited!!! Community Day week is underway!Let’s do this!!

I’ll s be writing another blog post after the show is done. For now, this blog is complete!!

10 Years for Propeller Dance, Join Us as We Dance!!

So, I’ve decided to write a post about Propeller Dance’s 10 year anniversary, and our upcoming Community Day! All the recreational classes have works in progress to present, including the class I am a part of. Imagine a routine capturing the anniversary…

We will pop, stomp, and sing, and much more! How does this happen in one 10 minute performance? You’ll have to come and find out!! For any inquiries about this integrated dance c dance company, go to Propeller Dance’s website! Anything you want to know about upcoming events, classes, merchandise, and so much more can be found there.

So, back to what I was hinting at before, Community Day is always a special time to celebrate our work’s in progress with friends and family, and that’s always fun on its own, but to add a ten year anniversary on top of it? It shall be even greater!!

For those who want to attend this awesome celebration, it is on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at Tom Brown Arena, and the celebrations start 1pm, to be followed by their AGM.

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… and MORE!!!!

Is it Almost The End of April Already? Wow!

Wow! Is time really speeding by that quickly? Too quickly, in my opinion. Sadly, yes. This coming Monday is the last Monday before we practice at the theatre, on stage. Holy crap! Our piece is indeed coming together, not gonna lie about that, but we always could use more time. All performers could always use more time, but do we always get it? No!

Now, I could spoil it for everyone else in the Ottawa area that reads my blog, and post the score. Although, since it isn’t officially finalized yet, I won’t do that. I’m just super excited for everyone to see it!!! It’s gonna be called, Soaring. I seriously can’t wait for all of you to see it on May 8, 2015. We are only performing one night, but I’ve gotten used to that. Do I like it? No. Still, only one night to perform my best, finish it, then of course want to do it again, but can’t. Figures. Story of my life as a dancer, and not a company one.

All right, I guess I have quite a bit of hostility in that regard, but I’m done with that now. Mind you, this is my blog and I do have my right to express my frustrations and opinions, so I guess that’s what I did. I honestly can’t wait to see how the white floor will work out. I think it’ll be cool, and awesome! It’ll be neat to see the DVD of that!

Anyway, this blog is done. I shall update you again soon on the progress of the piece. Can’t wait to perform it already! Are we ready? Almost…

There you have it. I’m officially done this blog post. I shall post again soon.

Dance Time! Let the Creating Begin!!

As of last week, I went back to my usual routine of dance class on Mondays. We are getting ready for our end of year show on May 8th and 9th at GCTC. Last week, I observed for the start of the practice, while they went over a part that was already put in place while I was away, and in hospital. Then, I joined in.

I’m hoping to use my crutches in the piece somehow. and I’m wearing these black high heeled boots. I can’t wait! I also know I can’t give too much of our show prep away to you blog readers. I will tell you that if you live in Ottawa, and are free then, you should come. It is gonna be awesome! The Monday group will be performing on May 8th, and that’s the group I’m in!!! Can’t wait for you all to see it!

Next week I’ve got to bring my crutches to practice. It’s gonna feel nice to dance with my crutches again. Let’s just hope my knee holds out on show day! You hear that, knee? Keep your shit together! Inside note, some of you may remember that line from the book, The Fault in our Stars where Hazel talks to her lungs! Love it!

Now it is time for me to catch up on the episode, and premiere of Big Brother Canada Season 3 I missed. Until next time, this dance related blog is done!!

Another Community Day = Success!!

Today was Community Day! It honestly was a huge success, as it normally is. I got to see everyone’s works-in-progress. It was also neat seeing the Propeller Dance company perform a choreographed piece by Sanshiree Giles… part of AXIS Dance Company in the USA.

Now I am stoked for our show in May. It will most likely be two nights, which I am absolutely thrilled about. Now it is time to take a little break for Christmas, then return to dance on January 12th. I am so excited for that already!

Now it is time to relax and enjoy the holiday!

For now, this is it for dance blogs. I will return in January with more dance related things. For now, Merry Christmas all from the dance world!!

Community Day… Here We Come!!!

As Steven goes up to the corner store, and my roommates, along with a good friend  of ours are gone to GT, I decided to write a blog about this Sunday’s Community Day for Propeller Dance. For those just reading my blog for the first time, to get in touch with all things Propeller Dance, they have a website. It is as follows: http://www.propellerdance.com. They also have a blog, which is as follows: http://www.propellerdance.blogspot.ca.

Now that I’ve gotten you noted on all things Propeller, on with what I was going to mention. I am a part of the Monday recreational dance class, and all our current classes, as well as the company get to perform in a laid back manner for this Sunday’s Community Day! This is where we get to show off what we have been working on thus far, and it ends the fall term in a festive way. It is rather laid back, but still professional in its own way, as it is still a performance in the grand scheme of things.

Anyone new to reading my blog? Yes? Maybe? If so, then you are probably wondering what on earth Community Day is. Or, maybe not, but I will reiterate for those still unsure of what it is. It is an event that is usually held at the beginning of December, which then ends our fall term. So, in order to show off what all of us have been working on, Community Day brings the community together to see what we have been working on, and to celebrate during this festive season. Along with our performances, there is also a bake sale, along with Propeller Dance merchandise for sale. Usually after the event is done, they host their Annual General Meeting for those who are, and for those interested in becoming members of Propeller Dance.

For anyone who doesn’t know about this event, it is this Sunday, December 7th from 1pm-3pm, with AGM following. It is being held at the Tom Brown Arena which is in Ottawa, 141 Bayview Road. The entrance fee is $5 for students, or low income, and $10 for adults, or, pay what you can.

I hope to see all you people out there this Sunday! I am super excited to perform for all who will be coming to this event!

As for now, this blog is complete! Super excited for Sunday! Hope to see all of you there!!! 😀

First Dance Session – Co-Teaching Style

As most of my avid blog readers know, I participate in a dance company called Propeller Dance. You can find out more about them via their website at: http://www.propellerdance.com, or via their blog at: http://www.propellerdance.blogspot.ca. You can read up on their blogs tooo! Anyway, as most of you know, or may not know, I participate in the Monday evening dance class. Well, today, we started a beginner class for those interested in Propeller Dance, and don’t want to perform, as well as our main classes are quite full.

 Anyway, as one of my goals for this year, I wanted to partake in more of a teaching role, with regards to Propeller Dance, and today was just the start of that goal. I am helping two other people co-teach this beginner class on Thursday mornings for the next five weeks or so.

Today I got to meet a few new people I didn’t know, and one of them uses crutches… like the forearm ones I use, and I got to see how she danced with them.  It just shows there are multiple different ways to dance, and I personally can’t wait to experiment with this during my class on Monday evenings.

I am literally so excited for next Thursday’s class. As of next week, I get to instruct an exercise where, if comfortable, one person in a two person partnership has to close their eyes, and allow the other person to guide them across the space. This exercise gives hindsight into how I dance with a visual impairment. It’s an exercise I did with the Monday group I’m a part of, did it last year with them.

As you can very well see, I’m quite excited to be of assistance to Renata, (co-directer of Propeller Dance), and Liz, (dancer with the Propeller Dance Company). I can’t wait for more chances like this in the future, as well as this one right now.

Enough on that… for now. I do believe I will blog again tomorrow, or perhabs now, since I have added library time. As for this blog, however, it is complete! 😀

Today is Finally Show Day!!!!

Well, the title says it all, but today is show day for the dance group I am in!!!! Yay!!!! 😀 I gotta do a few errands first though before I head to the theatre for practice, and show time!!! I am super excited!!!!

Anyone who has not purchased tickets for the show can do so right here:


This year, it is only all the recreational classes performing!! To give you an idea, here are some photos of me getting ready for the dress rehearsal yesterday!!! Enjoy!!! 😀

Me Ready to Perform


This other picture is of me and a fellow dancer!!!

Me and Gen


Well, there you have it!!!!

I hope to see more people in the Ottawa area come out to the one, and only performance of Egress: My Love!!!

Super stoked!!!!!

All right, done blogging for now!!!

Hope to see everyone there tonight!!! 😀 😀 😀