The Fault in our Stars – Comes Out in 16 Days!!!

Yes, I thought I’d write about the movie that is coming out June 6th to theaters. The Fault in Our Stars is a novel, written by, John Green. It’s a, tear your heart out, have someone stomp on it, then put it back where it belongs kinda novel.  If you aren’t into sappy love stories, or tear jerkers, then this book, and I guarantee you move, won’t be right for you.

I, however, have read this novel about four times thus far. So, I was thrilled  to find out that a movie was being made from this book. Below I will link you to the awesome, tear jerker, stay at the edge of your seat, official movie trailer. I seriously can’t wait!!!

Here is the official extended trailer!

Ok, that is all for now!!

Enjoy!!!! 😀 😀 😀