I Must Love Hospital *That* Much… Not!!!

As I said in my previous huge update blog, I would be writing again about yet another hospitalization. This one, however, wasn’t nearly as long. Thank goodness!

Most people may, or may not know that I have had gallstones for at least a year or so. Usually stomach related issues aren’t necessarily the gallstones that caused them. It still didn’t help, but I still went on with my life with my gallbladder. As of this last hospitalization, not anymore.

When I went to get my staples removed from my shunt surgery, I asked the nurse there if right side pain was normal after shunt surgery, she said it was. She said the muscles in my stomach would be sore, since they went in there to thread the tube. The one thing I didn’t click into at that moment was the fact that my neck pain didn’t last nearly as long as stomach pain did. This should have been a sign in itself, but it wasn’t.

Late one evening, about a week or so after I got out of hospital, the pain in my right side got so bad that it was making me nauseous, and none of my pain medication was touching the pain. Here we go again, back to the Civic Hospital by ambulance. That hospital seems to love me, doesn’t it? Ugh!!

Before I went into the ambulance, the paramedics gave me a shot into my muscle of Gravel to try and ease my nausea. Then, it was off to the hospital… again… round two! Not to mention, I’d be missing another family gathering with Steven’s family… so sad! I wanted to go too!

When they got me settled, I went for an ultrasound of my stomach to see if this was a shunt related issue or not. Turns out, this time, it wasn’t. So, at that point, I was transferred over to the General Surgery team. The general surgeons told me that I had what is called Pancreatitis. Who would have known? Good thing I went in! Wow!

The pain was difficult, yes, but the nausea was the most difficult. I had to get one of the General Surgery doctors to make an order for IV Gravol, instead of pill form. The General Surgery team told me that I would be admitted to hospital until the Pancreatitis cleared, and then they’d schedule me to remove my gallbladder.

Also, when I first went into the ambulance, I was told I had a temperature of 38.7 degrees celcius… too high, and I also was experiencing having the chills. This happened again in hospital where my temperature went up into the 38 degree margin. This meant, they couldn’t use my PICC Line to get blood cultures… they needed two! Oy!

Also during my stay in observation, before I  was able to receive Gravel in IV form, I threw up twice… not pleasant, at all! Thank you nausea!!!

When I finally went up onto a floor, A2, to be exact, I had one nurse who was insanely panicky that my PICC Line wasn’t aligned properly.  She ordered a chest X Ray, then promptly didn’t document anything specific about it. All she said was not to use my PICC Line! ARG!!!! This meant, since I received Gravol and Benadryl by IV, they needed to find a vein and insert an IV… why? I hate insanely panicky nurses! Turns out though, one centimeter difference didn’t matter. This meant, after a day or so, I could use my PICC Line again!! Yay!!

A few days later, the doctors could tell my Pancreatitis was disappearing, so they put a plan into action to remove my gallbladder, most likely the next day. That was comforting to hear, even though I was still dealing with nausea. Ugh!

Surgery day!!! The surgery was early that day.  All the normal people came to speak to me and ask me questions. My fiancé, my Auntie Alison, my sister Chara, and Dave all waited for me to come out from the recovery room. They all were there once I was settled back on the floor. The one thing that sticks out the most is when my sister said that she could see the resemblance between my Auntie and I. I was floored!

Discharge day!!! This meant I could go home!!! Yay!!! The nurse that I had also said that I didn’t need my antibiotics for my shunt anymore, and that the Infectious Disease team was in contact with the blood work, which revealed no more infection. This meant, my PICC Line could be removed! This also meant I could have my first proper shower I’ve had in ages, within a few days. Yay!! The nurse did, however, tell me that I was being put on two types of antibiotics for my gallbladder… key note, those antibiotics had side effects of nausea. I sadly got the nausea!  Ugh!!

So, there you have it! Now, I’m hoping I don’t miss any further family gatherings. When’s Easter? Knock on wood that I attend it!!

Well, this is another blog done. Hopefully the last blog for a long while of this magnitude.