I am Officially 92% Thrilled!!

I entered class today hoping I did well on my module 2.2 test, and I didn’t *just* do well, I rocked it!!! I went from 79% for module 2.1, to 92% for module 2.2. Is this really happening? Can someone pinch me, please? Because, it truly doesn’t seem real to me… at all… *screams at the top of my lungs,* like I’ve already done, about 20 times since I got home.

Is this really real? Yes, it is… but I still am shocked about it. This means, two units down, seven units to go. Mr. Bonnici, you can suck it… ok? Go back to teaching school, because I’m learning better here, with a tutor, than with you. Sorry, but not so sorry.

That’s truly why this mark surprises me, because it is way better than a 50%… way better!!! I almost had to take a double-take, when I got my mark today. Did I just do this? Yes. Whoa!!!

My tutor is awesome though, He Faithifies concepts for a me, for a me to actually get, and grasp. Who does that? My tutor!!! Teach, Forrest, teach!!! That is in place of… fill in the blank…

Run, Forrest, run!!!

On that note, I have two last things. Firstly:

  • *Screams, and jumps up and down.*


  • I’m more 100% thrilled, but in case you didn’t notice, that was a play on words.

Now, off to do a lot of the same thing I’ve been doing, jumping, running, and screaming with excitement!!!

I Passed My First Math Test!!! Hello 79%!!!! What?

So, some of you may know, or may not know, or remember that I really struggled with math in high school. I’ve come to realize now, that if directed properly, and understood properly, I do much better… 79% better, to be exact. Now, that was only for the first module, 2.1, in Fundamental Math. I get to start module 2.2 on Monday when I start actual class.

Within the two week, Goal Orientation, I was able to complete the full book, which is why I did my test today for it, and no, I didn’t just barely pass this test either. I passed it with a 79%!! Wait… what? Colour me shocked!!!

This weekend, since I am not starting anything new, is gonna be a celebration weekend for me. Most definitely!!! No question about it!!! I wish I could show you an example of the awesome!!!

I still cannot believe I did so well, and it is only module 1!!!! Let’s see how the other ones go. The second module, 2.2, is decimals. I am so happy with this so far! Now, keep in mind, I still don’t like math, but definitely getting it a lot better now. Mr. Bonnicci, learn how to teach math, and not just ramble on about it. But since someone is now, then that’s what counts!!!

Again, so unbelievably happy!!! Oh… my… goodness… ahhhhhhhhh!!!

*Does a Dance.*

Oh, one more thing… I also have tutoring set up to help me… yay!!!

Anyway, onto the next module!!!

Bring on the math!!!!


Academic Upgrading? Me? Math? Yes, indeed!

I’m sitting here, or I have been, thinking exactly that… exactly this blog title. Why? Well, finally starting in the direction of nursing, hopefully. I’m gonna definitely try, at least. Absolutely!! I need to redo grade 11 college math because I only got a 50%, and I need a 60% or higher to get into the General Arts and Science – Pre-Nursing program.

Here’s the two-part kicker:

  1. I don’t do well with math as it is, and I’ve always struggled with it.
  2. For academic upgrading, I’d need a 75% or higher to pass the units.

A question you are probably asking is, do I really wanna go through with this? Yes, as insane as I am, yes. I really enjoy the medical field… just didn’t know you need better math for it. I’m still cringing about that, but I’ll get through it.

Yet again, I think, until I realize I’ve made it through this, and well, I’m always gonna ask that question… academic upgrading? Me? Math?

Yes, indeed!!

Is It Time for Class Yet?

I’m finally getting all of my medical stuff in order, and it truly feels wonderful to do just that. I’m getting a power wheelchair, and now comes the next focal point in my life… heading back to college.

I’m actually at the college now, and it feels like I should be in class already. Only thing, I have no class presently. This is why I’m gonna change that for next September. Gonna do all the asking of questions so I know exactly where I am at, and what I am getting into. Being at the college excites me. Makes me wish I had something to do, i.e. classes and what not, but… not quite yet.

Planning on applying to Algonquin College’s Recreation and Leisure Services Program in February, once I make sure I ask all the right questions and get the ball rolling. Next stop in Faithie’s Life Steps? School!

I cannot wait!!!