New Year, New Opportunities!

Happy New Year to all the viewers who read this blog. I’m hopefully going to start a new aveneu in school, which will be awesome!!! And this program is strictly online, which is different for me. Never ever pursued that avenue before, never even considered it at all. Now I am. 🙂

The program I’m seeking interest in is a part-time study program, called Nursing Unit Clerk. I’m really excited to see what this avenue brings for me! I’m so excited for this new avenue of a Faithful First for me. So stoked!!!

I started looking into this avenue, thanks to a PSW who helps me on Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. She mentioned something about taking a course for Medical Terminology, considering I know a lot already, due to being surrounded by medical cases all my life, so I looked into it, and that’s where I found this program, and the medical Terminology course is a part of it, so isn’t that just awesome!!!

So, thanks to that, I’m entering a challenge at full force. Welcome to another Faithful First!!! So happy!!