Big Brother Sims – 1


Genevieve Taylor

Where from – Sunlit Tides

Age – 20

Occupation – Paramedic

Favourite Colour – Royal blue

About Genevieve:

I am a spunky, energetic person, as well as I am a genius, which, of course, no one will know about in the house. You disclose that info, it goes rogue in five seconds, so, I’m not. I am a brainiac as well as athletic. Competitions? Bring them on!!

Janessa Smyth

Where From – Appaloosa Plains

Age – 29

Occupation – Sculptor

Favourite Colour – Black

About Janessa:

I stay at home with my two children who are under the age of 5, while my mom works. Now that I got accepted into the house, they’ll live with their dad for the next few months. My children, and my family are my prides and joy.

Dominica Fowler

Where From – Isle Paradise

Age – 38

Occupation – Forensics Analyst

Favourite Colour – Pink

About Dominica:

I am very athletic, but also enjoy art. I also am a mom of two, and I wouldn’t trade the lifestyle in for the world. Being a mom, and my job, always keeps me on my feet. I love to cook, and one of my pet peeves is a messy house. More specifically, a messy kitchen. Can’t stand it!!

Jillian Gable

Where From -Starlight Shores

Age – 19

Occupation – Unemployed

Favourite Colour – Red

About Jillian:

I am currently a student in the culinary field, and really want to be a five star chef, you know, the type everyone asks to cook for them. I’m really excited to be in this house, and can’t wait to showcase my cooking skills. I am also an athletic, who is a genius, and enjoys playing music. My strongest instrument I play is piano. I’ll definitely miss playing the piano any chance I get. Although, I’m ready for the Big Brother House!! Let’s go!!!

Gabriel *Gabe* Ashton

Where From – Monte Vista

Age – 22

Occupation – Fisherman

Favourite Colour – Green

About Gabriel:

When you are a fisherman, you have to be patient. I’m gonna use that patience in the Big Brother house to stock my prey, and win, to the end. I’m very confident in my skills as I knowthem well. The other houseguests better watch out. This fisherman is coming to Big Brother!!

Jackson Tams

Where From – Twinbrook

Age – 63

Occupation – Retired Firefighter

Favourite Colour – Grey

About Jackson:

I have four children, and 7 grandchildren, between the four. I am a family man, but also very intelligent. I have a sharp mind, which will be good for the mental comps. I do have this fear, that because of my age, they’ll dismiss me and think I can’t compete just like the rest of the young ones, but I shall prove them wrong.

Monte Durham

Where From – Bridgeport

Age – 28

Occupation – Science Test Subject

Favourite Colour – Pink

About Monte:

I am a proud gay man, who just happens to be a nerd, and a science guy. I also love digging into computers, and seeing what they’re all about. You wouldn’t think this from a gay guy, but I am also a genius… who knew, right? I will show them, secretly, in that house!!

Dallas Stirling

Where From – Sunset Valley

Age – 33

Occupation – Sports Coach

Favourtie Colour – Navy Blue

About Dallas:

I love athletics, and I believe it is important for everyday life and health. I coach sports at the stadium in Riverview, and I absolutely love it. It truly consumes me! Also a mental threat too. Watch out!!!