Welcome to Another Update – Excited to Still Work Forward in My Business!!

Good day to all my fellow readers.

I hope you’re well. It seems like I have some gaps between writing blog post… welcome to writer’s block. We all know about that!! First things first, though maybe some of you have seen my posts about it online, but I have a puppy. It obviously isn’t easy, and my patience gets tested, but I truly adore her. Of course, also for those her know me well, her name is Andrea. She means the world to me.

I’m excited as I’m going to try and go to East Gate Alliance Church‘s Free Market outreach event on June 3rd. It’s a time to meet new people for those who haven’t been there, as well as get free stuff. My friends Silvana and Eric are joining me, but only for a little bit, but it will be nice to show them the church I go to. Plus on that day, there will also be a free BBQ, which is awesome!!! I can’t wait!!!

I am so happy to continue growing in my Farmasi business even if I don’t have a ton of customers, but it also brings me out to not only show people on social media about the products that Farmasi has, but also showing the basic day to day things as well. We just gotta show ourselves, which I’ve always done, but this company gives me purpose. Here’s where you can look at what all Farmasi has, and I’d love to show you!!!

Also, as of a few weeks ago, I’ve been promoting this a lot because I wish I had this song I’ll share shortly when I was young. The cool thing is, this song has shown me just how far I’ve come.

This song came out May 19th, and I love it! Cimorelli made this song for survivors!!! It’s called, SKIN. Such a good song!!! Let it be your anthem!!

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for updates for now

I will write again soon, as I obviously enjoy it.