Happy New Year/New Life!

Hello to all my readers!

It’s been way too long since I’ve written on this blog of mine. I’ve been completing school this past semester, and also a new relationship. Unfortunately, due to the same lack of communication, and the person whom helped me realize this fact, I am happy to say we considered trying again, since about mid July and still going strong. It’s hard to believe it happened… but here I sit.

I have been crazy busy that this blog has been long vacant. He he… in July/August, I helped out Francis, or Frank as most people call him, including me with the crazy amount of hours he worked at Beyond Vanh Gogh. Crazy how it tired me out… but so worth it. I started school and then started a job at Frank and Oak mid October. That job I miss every day since my last day, December 24th.

I’m very happy, and can’t wait to start school next week! I’m happy to say I am happy with the new relationship and our fresh new start!!! Fresh starts are always good. We were young when we last were in relationship, but now here we are… older and wiser. So happy!

Oh, and I thought to add a little side note, for those who like and enjoy poker, he has streamed exactly that on Twitch and he also has a twitter account mostly devoted to poker, which you’ll find on his page. All in all though, a crazy year!!!

Oh, and for those who like new clothing, check out Frank and Oak!

Until next time!!