New Home, New Memories

I can’t believe I’m in my new home now!! I moved this past Wednesday, which means I’ve been here for five days already, today being day number five!!! I have my bed set up, along with my dresser and night table. I’m having to use my night table for art supplies now though, since I only have a one-bedroom.

I’d say the only one major complaint is trying to figure out the best place for my lift, as it’s so huge… not a fan of that, but I need it sometimes… so yeah.

Started actually putting pictures up… and probably today, my CCTV will be set up, so that will be good!!! Even though smaller, I’m so glad I moved!!! I have new memories to make here!!! I’m excited for that!!!

Once things are a bit more organized, I’ll make a post with updated pictures!!! Open-mouthed smile