What do you Mean Needles Don’t Hurt?

Today, I went to get blood work done. First, had to find a place that was open, because once I’m out, might as well get poked… ow. Except, this time was different.

This, I will say is a first for me. The girl who did my blood work somehow found a miracle vein. Let me explain this… normally, even if someone finds a vein, it’s usually much more painful, and has my anxiety riding on its edge. Today, all that worry, and by the time all my worry and anxiety was flowing through me, it was done… just like that… and, here’s the shocker, I can now say for probably one time only, that needle didn’t hurt. Wait… wait? They’re supposed to hurt, at least with me…she had good touch. I wish I got her name, because I’d personally go to that location again if I had other blood work, just to get her. She was amazing!!!

This is for sure a Faithful first for me… I hope, if I have to get poked, more times happen like that. I’m still astonished… it didn’t hurt… whoa. I can now understand James when he says, if he has to get poked, he just sits there and takes it. Normally I’m not that lucky. Thank you veins for being wonderful today, and to a great person to do it.