A Week Sick… Gastritis… Really?

This started a good portion before the long weekend, as I was almost severely nauseous, but not throwing up, thank goodness. It took when I went out of city for dog sitting duty with James to know why I was so sick. I went to Pembroke Regional Hospital to get looked at while I was there. While there, I had trouble with my veins, as per usual, but finally got an IV. They gave me several rounds of fluids, did blood work and a CT scan to make sure it was nothing serious.

After the CT, I was told I have basically an irritated stomach, as known as Gastritis. Kinda scary when you have zero clue what that is. I was given a few doses of Pantoloc to calm it down from its overreaction. Then I got a prescription for Celebrex and a strong stomach protection med, which  protects my stomach. I’m gonna probably get a scope done to see why this happened, so we can take measures in the future.

I’ve had acid reflux, but my goodness, nothing like this. Hello to another Faithful First.

Now, I wanted to explore Pembroke and Petawawa, but not like this.


Doing better day by day, but my stomach still hurts when I eat, but that’s what pain pills are for.


Emergency Dog Sitting… Let’s Go!

This title might explain it all, or it might not. I spent the long weekend out of the cit at James‘ parents’ house looking after their two dogs for the weekend. I really got to test myself this weekend when taking out Willy and Cassy together. That was a challenging, but fun task, as Cassy likes to pull, a good amount. Being that I am smaller than James is, I could get pulled over easier, but I didn’t. Go me!!!

I even got ready faster one day, so I took both dogs out. But mostly, I took Willy and James took Cassy. It was a team effort. I’m so glad I was able to spend a weekend out of the city, and help out at the same time. I honestly miss there already. Seriously. It’s as close to country as I can get, which is so awesome. All in all, a relaxing but productive easy weekend. One thing I’ve learned is for myself personally, if I get a dog, I’ll get a standard leash, instead of a retractable one’.

If I have a dog who runs, standard leash it is for me. That is what this weekend has taught me.

James and I, all in all, had an awesome weekend. We even went for a good walk early on the day we came back to the city. Such a refreshing visit though.