It’s Catch Up Time!!

Good early morning to all!!!

I’ve not sat down and written a blog in a long while. I’m organizing myself for what to do in my future. I’m also taking a course called Alpha at Eastgate Alliance Church. Every Thursday people come together at the church for it, as well as a free meal… a good meal too. It’s only happened for one week so far, which I joined. So awesome!!! What else is new with me? A fair bit. My friend snd I went to see a Ballet this past Saturday, which was good.

I’ve also been able to help my friend out, and she got me introduced to the gym, which now I have a YMCA membership, which is awesome, and I can use it at any Y. I love it!!! I switch between the /y in Orleans and the Y downtown. I have options, which I absolutely love. I’m so glad.

What I’ve been doing otherwise… resting from on and off migraines, which annoy me.

On my way out, what am I currently listening to?

Cimorelli‘s cover of Start Again

As for now, this is the end of this blog post. There’s the catch up you’ve all been wondering about, I’m sure.