A Very Random Post

Good morning to all you blog readers. Apparently today is a random post day. Why? Because, why not? I’ve been up since 7am or so this morning and probably going to do some more paintings for Tactile Tapestry today. Also, if weather doesn’t suck, I’m going to do a few errands.

Just trying to think of what to paint today, though my boyfriend had a wonderful idea… dream catchers. I’m not usually an intricate painter, but it’s a good challenge. 🙂 I love challenges. I’m so excited to do a ton of paintings within this year. I also know that I want to do other artistic things.

Now to figure out where to actually make pottery, and not just paint it? I’ve gotta research that. That’s another project for this coming year. Let’s see what happens. All you blog readers, if you have other artistic ideas, comment and let me know!!! Oh yes, please do!!!

Maybe that’s something I can look into today while I wait for meds to show up…. hmmmm…. great idea.

Well, this post is going on and on, so I’m gonna stop for now.