Time to Bring Out My Artistic Side This Year!!

So, I’ve made it my goal to do a lot more painting this year, as I really enjoy it, and I feel it is something I am good at. I find it helps me let go of my stress and allows me to pour everything into artwork. I just completed a painting… the first of 2019!!!

Now I’ve got to keep it up. My goal this year is to get Tactile Tapestry up on Etsy this year and start selling my artwork. For those who are new to the blog, the name Tactile Tapestry came from the art I put forth, for the most part, as I do a ton of abstract art, and am a visually impaired painter. I’m going to do this… and I have you readers to hold me to that, as well as myself.

Just to motivate me, and inspire all you readers, I’ll be leaving a painting I did at the end of this post, as I scanned it into the computer.