A Very Productive Day

Good afternoon to all you blog readers. I had quite the productive morning this morning, painting wise. I completed two paintings, and part of a third is drying now. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, my boyfriend gave me the marvellous idea of painting dream catchers. So, that’s what I did. I did one dream catcher that looks like it is hanging from the window, and one with a lighter blue background with just the dream catcher itself. 

For those who wish to see my artwork, you can go to:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tactiletapestry/
Facebook Page: http://wwww.facebook.com/tactiletapestry/

Go check it out!!!

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Testing a New App

Hello to my blog readers.

I am testing an app I found on the Mac App Store for writing blogs. The only thing I’m not sure about is putting posts in categories. That might just have to happen online. Oh well.

I’m really hoping this blog sends and goes to my website. This rambling ramble is done for now. Followers, I really hope this goes through. 🙂 I really do!!

A Very Random Post

Good morning to all you blog readers. Apparently today is a random post day. Why? Because, why not? I’ve been up since 7am or so this morning and probably going to do some more paintings for Tactile Tapestry today. Also, if weather doesn’t suck, I’m going to do a few errands.

Just trying to think of what to paint today, though my boyfriend had a wonderful idea… dream catchers. I’m not usually an intricate painter, but it’s a good challenge. 🙂 I love challenges. I’m so excited to do a ton of paintings within this year. I also know that I want to do other artistic things.

Now to figure out where to actually make pottery, and not just paint it? I’ve gotta research that. That’s another project for this coming year. Let’s see what happens. All you blog readers, if you have other artistic ideas, comment and let me know!!! Oh yes, please do!!!

Maybe that’s something I can look into today while I wait for meds to show up…. hmmmm…. great idea.

Well, this post is going on and on, so I’m gonna stop for now.

Time to Bring Out My Artistic Side This Year!!

So, I’ve made it my goal to do a lot more painting this year, as I really enjoy it, and I feel it is something I am good at. I find it helps me let go of my stress and allows me to pour everything into artwork. I just completed a painting… the first of 2019!!!

Now I’ve got to keep it up. My goal this year is to get Tactile Tapestry up on Etsy this year and start selling my artwork. For those who are new to the blog, the name Tactile Tapestry came from the art I put forth, for the most part, as I do a ton of abstract art, and am a visually impaired painter. I’m going to do this… and I have you readers to hold me to that, as well as myself.

Just to motivate me, and inspire all you readers, I’ll be leaving a painting I did at the end of this post, as I scanned it into the computer.


New Year, New Opportunities!

Happy New Year to all the viewers who read this blog. I’m hopefully going to start a new aveneu in school, which will be awesome!!! And this program is strictly online, which is different for me. Never ever pursued that avenue before, never even considered it at all. Now I am. 🙂

The program I’m seeking interest in is a part-time study program, called Nursing Unit Clerk. I’m really excited to see what this avenue brings for me! I’m so excited for this new avenue of a Faithful First for me. So stoked!!!

I started looking into this avenue, thanks to a PSW who helps me on Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. She mentioned something about taking a course for Medical Terminology, considering I know a lot already, due to being surrounded by medical cases all my life, so I looked into it, and that’s where I found this program, and the medical Terminology course is a part of it, so isn’t that just awesome!!!

So, thanks to that, I’m entering a challenge at full force. Welcome to another Faithful First!!! So happy!!