Time to Relearn Myself

Those who have followed my blog for a while may or may not remember me speaking of my chronic pain issues. Well, hold on, this is a new kettle of fish, a kettle of fish I’m still wrapping my head around, and learning. I’ve had a period where I couldn’t walk for three months, but that only involved my left knee. Now, I can’t walk because my left knee, and my right hip have an issue.

So, for the very first time, I require someone to transfer me from any place to my chair. This is easy,  but hard to accept. mostly because I’ve seen me bounce back. I may, I may not, so I gotta be ok with where I’m at, and still live life. In hindsight, what I’m learning most during this hospital stay, I’m really learning where to not cross a potential painful and harmful line, just so I do something myself. I’m good at asking for help, but not always in this way.

They didn’t do much with me, besides see if I could walk, or transfer, but no. So, tomorrow is home day for me, and I will have a lift at home for the very first time. I’m getting forms s5artted here in hospital for funding for my own lift, as the lift that’ll be at home tomorrow is a rental. This, I can say is another Faithful First for me.

I’m going to take this as it comes, and along the way, ask eighty million questions, and figure out the same me, but some parts relearned. That’s  the key there. I’ll be posting pictures maybe soon, to let people into the world I live in. At the end of the day, I’m still faithful.