Welcome to the Generator World!

So… you probably wonder why this blog title, but considering the only reason I’m writing this blog is I’m where power is… power, as in generator… Who knew a tornado would touch down in the Ottawa and surrounding area? That’s just not really common… at all.

The tornado decided to come, and Ottawa and surrounding area couldn’t catch up to get power restored quick enough. Again… thank goodness for generators, where there are, anyway. I’m currently sitting at the college where generators are running to give the college power.

Literally taking this time to charge up my devices, which is a very smart thing to do. Hello, f3 tornado? What? Here? Ottawa? Excuse me while I faint. That never happens. I’m gonna praise generators until actual power returns. I can guarantee that. Oh yes. Welcome to the Generator World, Ottawa!!

I’m still rather stunned at this mess. Just… wow… as I have my mouth open in astonishment. The city’s power grid as well as the province’s power grid hasn’t been this messed up since the ice storm in 1998.

Clean up on aisle power, clean up on aisle power.

What a mess.