Let Me Introduce Myself!

This may be an odd title for those who have known me, or are getting to know me now. Trust me when I say I’m different, but in a very positive way. These changes would be best suited told by those who have seen. them happen, other than myself, but here it goes anyway.

I feel more confident about where I’m heading, than I’ve ever been before. I’m destined to finish up math, and either go straight into nursing, or do a year of health science to get more math first. The choices are endless, as I am currently going back to intermediate math class, as of this coming Monday. Yes, this coming Monday. I’m also giving, someone who was supposed to be my adoptive mother, Gillian, the death stare in doing this. I’m conquering this when she said I wouldn’t be able to. Oh, and I am also gonna get a resume together and start applying for part-time work, which she also prevented me to do. See? Two big changes right there.

I can definitely feel happier about going into school this time, knowing I am doing this for myself, and no one else. I’m grateful for who is supporting me in this, but if you aren’t, I’m still going to do so anyway. This has always been my dream. Now it’s time to make it my reality.

I’ve had three songs that always resinated with me, and until recently, I now realize how much, whereas I didn’t before. Not quite, anyway.

Good Enough – by Cimorelli

Your Way (Bonus Track) – by Love & the Outcome

It’s Your Life – by Francesca Battistelli

These three songs all have one thing in common, keeping going when the going gets tough. I learned that most definitely throughout this past year, and how the first two songs were definite stages of my life, but the third song speaks who who I am now, and that I’m taking my life back, because it’s my life. No one else can live this life the that I present. Only I can.