Academic Upgrading? Me? Math? Yes, indeed!

I’m sitting here, or I have been, thinking exactly that… exactly this blog title. Why? Well, finally starting in the direction of nursing, hopefully. I’m gonna definitely try, at least. Absolutely!! I need to redo grade 11 college math because I only got a 50%, and I need a 60% or higher to get into the General Arts and Science – Pre-Nursing program.

Here’s the two-part kicker:

  1. I don’t do well with math as it is, and I’ve always struggled with it.
  2. For academic upgrading, I’d need a 75% or higher to pass the units.

A question you are probably asking is, do I really wanna go through with this? Yes, as insane as I am, yes. I really enjoy the medical field… just didn’t know you need better math for it. I’m still cringing about that, but I’ll get through it.

Yet again, I think, until I realize I’ve made it through this, and well, I’m always gonna ask that question… academic upgrading? Me? Math?

Yes, indeed!!