Family Time for Christmas!!

So, I just returned today from spending time in Carleton Place, Ontario with my family. I seriously already miss them all. My Auntie Alison picked me up from Kanata, Ontario yesterday, and before then, I was counting down the hours. I seriosuly couldn’t wait. My family always has Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.

Auntie dropped me off at my Grandmama and Grandad’s, and I got to see my cousin Haydie who is back in town for about two more weeks. She has work, and lives in London, England at the moment. My mom, Dawn, my Aunt Rachel, my cousins Roan and Sydney, then my brother Keith and my nephew Oliver arrived. It was so nice to catch up with everyone.

My mom ended up putting some pictures together of my family, including people I didn’t know. Along with all the pictures, including one of me as a baby, I also got a scrapbook to put them in. She sat down with me and told me who was in each picture, as well as labeled them for me. That seriously was the best gift, ever. Auntie ended up giving me a $20 Walmart gift card, as well as bus tickets for when I use Para Transpo. So grateful!

After dinner, we all got to open gifts, which is when I got my scrapbook from mom. I also gave Oliver and Keith’s gift, from me to them. During their secret Santa gift exchange, near the end of it, I ended up getting my Grandmama’s gift, which my Grandad gave to me. It’s a small crockpot. Can’t wait to start using it. So stoked!!

Once we left to go back to Auntie’s, it was just Auntie and I. She had went to go and visit her neighbour for a bit, and then came back and asked me fi I wanted to come and join her, because her neighbour invited me also. So, a great number of hours were spent there. Got back to Auntie’s closer to 3am.

This morning, Auntie, cousin Ben, and I went back over to Grandmama and Grandad’s for breakfast. My mom, Keith and Oliver, Aunt Rachel, cousin Roan and Sydney all showed up simultaneously throughout the morning. After waffles, it was nice to just relax with family before I had to go back to Ottawa.

I truly miss them all already. I can’t wait to see them again, hopefully soon. Now, however, I can busy myself with scrapbooking family pictures. That’ll definitely keep me busy. I’ve been told that’s not the end of the pictures, which is absolutely awesome!!!

Speaking of pictures, here is a picture of my nephew, Oliver and I.