Ten Years Already? Feels Like Yesterday, I Just Joined.

I am totally in a reminiscing mood. I started with Propeller Dance in September of 2009, and even though, due to medical issues, I had to step back every once and awhile, I’ve truly enjoyed my time. This Sunday, at Community Day, Propeller Dance is commemorating 10 years. I can’t believe it!!

It feels like yesterday, when I joined, about two years or so after their birth, if you will. Ten years already? I can’t even believe it! I’ve been with Propeller Dance for approximately seven/eight years. Boy, has time flown by? I’ve often thought about, if I ever decided to move, to start a branch of Propeller Dance in the city I’d be moving to, if they didn’t have an integrated dance company of their own.

That’s always been at the back of my mind. It’s something I’ve been thinking about since I thought about going to college in London, Ontario, but decided against it, since there was no integrated dance company there, to continue my dance skills. So, since then, it’s been at the back of my head, to spread the awareness about integrated dance.

For that, and many other reasons, I can’t wait until this Sunday to commemorate ten years of Propeller Dance!!!

For now, though, this blog is complete.