It’s Dance Time!!SoStoked! Let’s Do This!!!

Just finished the last rehearsal until mid January. It’s Community Day this Sunday, and I seriously cannot wait!! I got to have a solo, which was not planned. I’m so excited to actually be showing off what we’ve been working on thus far. I actually wish I could have all my blog readers see this work in progress. I’ll definitely post a video once the performance is done. It features a lot of structural inprovization. Since we are celebrating Propeller Dance’s 10 year anniversary, we’re developing this piece around the number 10. It’s awesome!!

10, 9,8,7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1… let’s go!!!

Yes, shhhh, don’t tell anyone that this countdown is a part of the dance piece we’re working on. I am truly excited about this!!! If it wasn’t for my sore ankle, I’d want to do this piece right now. Oh well… that just means I’ll do my best and put my all into the performance when it actually comes time to do it.

I am so excited!!! Community Day week is underway!Let’s do this!!

I’ll s be writing another blog post after the show is done. For now, this blog is complete!!