faithie’s Back… Back Again!

Today has been a wonderful day over all… why? I’ve been actually walking without crutches,and been able to dance related things that I haven’t been able to do since 2009. It’s weird to actually say, even though I could probably sleep, I could easily do this day all over again. Even though I am taking time to write this, I really could spend it doing what I just did most of the day today. I definitely know I need to do this more often, as long as I listen to my body, I will do just fine. Now, I seriously wished I had someone with sight to video my dance stuff I did today, because that needs to be added somewhere,at some point. Who though? No clue. Definitely someone though.

After doing a ton of dance related things, I ended up going out for the remainde of the day to browse Rideau Centre, and go for a very long bus ride to clear my head. Very much needed… oh, most definitely! I even passed out awhile on the way back to Baseline Station from Place D’Orleans Station. And now, because of that, I have a second wind… boo yeah! If it were up to me, and I had the funds, and the help, I would do a whole ton of Christmas baking to end off the awesome day! Oh my goodness, can I just do that now, please? Oh wait, I can’t! Too bad. It was a pleasant thought though.

Hmmm… I’m going to keep that idea in the back of my mind though, for future reference, of course. I’m probably gonna write a more dance specific blog in the near future about today’s realizations. For now, I will probably end this blog. Today = awesome day! More of those days to come… boo… yeah!!!