Why Am I Still Here? I Have to Be… Unfortunately.

Written on November 18, 2016


So, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually been back at home, and the day I returned, I found a booklet on the ground in front of my door. The only reason I actually saw it was because it was put there, and the text on the front page was actually in a size I could read… for once, and only the front page.

What was this about? That evening there was a mandatory AGM… AKA popularity contest, if you really think about it. Why do I say this? Let me attempt to explain.

Every year they have a vote for who gets on the board. Twice, within the time I’ve been here, I’ve attempted to run for it, and each time not even really getting through. I’m truly starting to think; why do I bother?

Also, why does a co-op have a site that is down? That’s not a good look for them. I firstly came here because I loved the atmosphere, but now I’m starting to wonder if I just came here out of disparity.

A conclusion to all this mess, before I ramble on and on about it, I am not on the board, nor do I have material for the meetings in the format I need it, or any other material for that matter. So, why did I exactly waste my evening? Oh yeah, mandatory. Officially, not impressed… at all, actually!! Four plus years later, and people are still dragging their feet.


I am officially done!