It’s Dance Time!!SoStoked! Let’s Do This!!!

Just finished the last rehearsal until mid January. It’s Community Day this Sunday, and I seriously cannot wait!! I got to have a solo, which was not planned. I’m so excited to actually be showing off what we’ve been working on thus far. I actually wish I could have all my blog readers see this work in progress. I’ll definitely post a video once the performance is done. It features a lot of structural inprovization. Since we are celebrating Propeller Dance’s 10 year anniversary, we’re developing this piece around the number 10. It’s awesome!!

10, 9,8,7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2, 1… let’s go!!!

Yes, shhhh, don’t tell anyone that this countdown is a part of the dance piece we’re working on. I am truly excited about this!!! If it wasn’t for my sore ankle, I’d want to do this piece right now. Oh well… that just means I’ll do my best and put my all into the performance when it actually comes time to do it.

I am so excited!!! Community Day week is underway!Let’s do this!!

I’ll s be writing another blog post after the show is done. For now, this blog is complete!!

faithie’s Back… Back Again!

Today has been a wonderful day over all… why? I’ve been actually walking without crutches,and been able to dance related things that I haven’t been able to do since 2009. It’s weird to actually say, even though I could probably sleep, I could easily do this day all over again. Even though I am taking time to write this, I really could spend it doing what I just did most of the day today. I definitely know I need to do this more often, as long as I listen to my body, I will do just fine. Now, I seriously wished I had someone with sight to video my dance stuff I did today, because that needs to be added somewhere,at some point. Who though? No clue. Definitely someone though.

After doing a ton of dance related things, I ended up going out for the remainde of the day to browse Rideau Centre, and go for a very long bus ride to clear my head. Very much needed… oh, most definitely! I even passed out awhile on the way back to Baseline Station from Place D’Orleans Station. And now, because of that, I have a second wind… boo yeah! If it were up to me, and I had the funds, and the help, I would do a whole ton of Christmas baking to end off the awesome day! Oh my goodness, can I just do that now, please? Oh wait, I can’t! Too bad. It was a pleasant thought though.

Hmmm… I’m going to keep that idea in the back of my mind though, for future reference, of course. I’m probably gonna write a more dance specific blog in the near future about today’s realizations. For now, I will probably end this blog. Today = awesome day! More of those days to come… boo… yeah!!!

Why Am I Still Here? I Have to Be… Unfortunately.

Written on November 18, 2016


So, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually been back at home, and the day I returned, I found a booklet on the ground in front of my door. The only reason I actually saw it was because it was put there, and the text on the front page was actually in a size I could read… for once, and only the front page.

What was this about? That evening there was a mandatory AGM… AKA popularity contest, if you really think about it. Why do I say this? Let me attempt to explain.

Every year they have a vote for who gets on the board. Twice, within the time I’ve been here, I’ve attempted to run for it, and each time not even really getting through. I’m truly starting to think; why do I bother?

Also, why does a co-op have a site that is down? That’s not a good look for them. I firstly came here because I loved the atmosphere, but now I’m starting to wonder if I just came here out of disparity.

A conclusion to all this mess, before I ramble on and on about it, I am not on the board, nor do I have material for the meetings in the format I need it, or any other material for that matter. So, why did I exactly waste my evening? Oh yeah, mandatory. Officially, not impressed… at all, actually!! Four plus years later, and people are still dragging their feet.


I am officially done!

10 Years for Propeller Dance, Join Us as We Dance!!

So, I’ve decided to write a post about Propeller Dance’s 10 year anniversary, and our upcoming Community Day! All the recreational classes have works in progress to present, including the class I am a part of. Imagine a routine capturing the anniversary…

We will pop, stomp, and sing, and much more! How does this happen in one 10 minute performance? You’ll have to come and find out!! For any inquiries about this integrated dance c dance company, go to Propeller Dance’s website! Anything you want to know about upcoming events, classes, merchandise, and so much more can be found there.

So, back to what I was hinting at before, Community Day is always a special time to celebrate our work’s in progress with friends and family, and that’s always fun on its own, but to add a ten year anniversary on top of it? It shall be even greater!!

For those who want to attend this awesome celebration, it is on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at Tom Brown Arena, and the celebrations start 1pm, to be followed by their AGM.

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… and MORE!!!!