Is It Time for Class Yet?

I’m finally getting all of my medical stuff in order, and it truly feels wonderful to do just that. I’m getting a power wheelchair, and now comes the next focal point in my life… heading back to college.

I’m actually at the college now, and it feels like I should be in class already. Only thing, I have no class presently. This is why I’m gonna change that for next September. Gonna do all the asking of questions so I know exactly where I am at, and what I am getting into. Being at the college excites me. Makes me wish I had something to do, i.e. classes and what not, but… not quite yet.

Planning on applying to Algonquin College’s Recreation and Leisure Services Program in February, once I make sure I ask all the right questions and get the ball rolling. Next stop in Faithie’s Life Steps? School!

I cannot wait!!!