It’s Happening!!

It’s happening!!

I now have my rental power chair!!! What does this mean? I’m getting closer to my own power chair!!! Yes!!! After I got my rental, both Laura and Marie had scheduled to come see me this past Tuesday.

Here is a picture of me in my rental power chair>


Just after Laura and Marie came on Tuesday, I prepared an indoor video of me using my power chair. I uploaded it to YouTube, and I plan to show it here.

Faithful Portrait – Power Wheelchair Demo – Inside

I plan on uploading an outdoor video of me in my chair, and everything I do outdoors in it.

It is happening!!! Filled out the ADP forms on Tuesday with Laura and Marie, along with taking proper measurements. Now I am one step closer to my own power chair!!! At least I get to keep this chair until the other chair is ready for me. So stoked!!

I will keep you posted on this journey!

♿️ Electric Princess ♿️