First Trial Completed – Now a Waiting Game Once Again!

So, as I expected, I was super excited for my trial with a power wheelchair yesterday, and it went well!! I think I shocked my OT, Laura, and the person who brought the chair out, Emily. They both were rather impressed.

I firstly traveled in my house, and they both said that’s usually the trickiest part. Then I proceeded to outside, and went down my sidewalk, tested the bumpiest sidewalk from hell, is what I call it without a power chair. I am surprised at awesome I did with that.

Here’s proof of said awesome trial!! Super stoked!!

Faith in Power Chair

Next step:

Laura and Emily are gonna come back out with the ADP authorizer, Marie, and gonna do another trial. I so can’t wait for that!!! Can it come now, please?

Please… now…

This particular blog is done.