Is It Time for Class Yet?

I’m finally getting all of my medical stuff in order, and it truly feels wonderful to do just that. I’m getting a power wheelchair, and now comes the next focal point in my life… heading back to college.

I’m actually at the college now, and it feels like I should be in class already. Only thing, I have no class presently. This is why I’m gonna change that for next September. Gonna do all the asking of questions so I know exactly where I am at, and what I am getting into. Being at the college excites me. Makes me wish I had something to do, i.e. classes and what not, but… not quite yet.

Planning on applying to Algonquin College’s Recreation and Leisure Services Program in February, once I make sure I ask all the right questions and get the ball rolling. Next stop in Faithie’s Life Steps? School!

I cannot wait!!!


It’s Happening!!

It’s happening!!

I now have my rental power chair!!! What does this mean? I’m getting closer to my own power chair!!! Yes!!! After I got my rental, both Laura and Marie had scheduled to come see me this past Tuesday.

Here is a picture of me in my rental power chair>


Just after Laura and Marie came on Tuesday, I prepared an indoor video of me using my power chair. I uploaded it to YouTube, and I plan to show it here.

Faithful Portrait – Power Wheelchair Demo – Inside

I plan on uploading an outdoor video of me in my chair, and everything I do outdoors in it.

It is happening!!! Filled out the ADP forms on Tuesday with Laura and Marie, along with taking proper measurements. Now I am one step closer to my own power chair!!! At least I get to keep this chair until the other chair is ready for me. So stoked!!

I will keep you posted on this journey!

♿️ Electric Princess ♿️

Faithfully Random – Thursday/Friday Edition!

It’s Thursday again, and I filled in for someone else… Tennessee Chad this time, on Sky 106. Once again, a random show too! If you were able to tune in, I hoped you enjoyed it. If not, there is always the archive!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!


  • Gaston – by Disney – from Beauty and the Beast
  • Boot Scootin’ Cafe Promo
  • All Day and All Night Promo
  • With Love – by Cimorelli
  • Famous – by Skillet
  • Jig for Jessica – by Mr. Mike & The Willis Clan
  • Miracles Happen – by Terry Kelly
  • Check out Sky106 Promo
  • Burn it Down – by Skillet
  • Jar of Hearts – by Megan Nicole
  • Acid Rain (Never Gonna Stay) – by Cimorelli
  • Galaxies – by Owl City
  • Back to You – by MercyMe
  • His Spirit Rocks Promo
  • Forever Reign – by Hillsong Live
  • Same Power – by Jeremy Camp
  • This I Believe (The Creed) – by Hillsong Worship
  • Better is One Day – by Kutless
  • Cornerstone (Featuring Audrey Assad) – by Tim Neufeld
  • Best Music Promo
  • For all You’ve Done – by Hillsongs
  • Chasing Love – by The Willis Clan
  • Dancing in the Dark – by Rihanna
  • Worth the Fight – by Cimorelli
  • Lollipop (Candyman) – by Aqua
  • Crank it Up Promo
  • Captain Kidd – by Great Big Sea
  • Bitter Cold – by The Willis Clan
  • The Right Time – by The Corrs
  • All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises – by Paul Baloche
  • Sing a Song – by Third Day
  • Is… Variety Promo
  • Instant Requester Liner 01 Promo
  • The Lost Get Found – by Britt Nicole – (Request)
  • The Power of the Dream – by Terry Kelly
  • Cheers (Drink to That) – by Rihanna
  • Crazy ABC’s – by Barenaked Ladies
  • Heave Away – by The Fables
  • Red Balloon – by Charli XCX
  • Nothin’ but the Best Promo
  • Ooh Boy – by Real McCoy
  • God-shaped Hole – by Plumb
  • Feel the Light – by Jennifer Lopez
  • Flawless – by MercyMe
  • The Humming…. – by Enya

Double Shot Set

  • Music Explosion Promo
  • Double 01 Promo
  • Summer Fly – by Hayley Westenra
  • Summer Rain – by Hayley Westenra
  • The Loxian Gates – by Enya
  • Echoes in Rain – by Enya
  • Bells – by The Rankins
  • Rise Again – by The Rankins


Faithfully Random – Thursday/Friday Edition – September 16, 2016


Faithfully Random – Thursday Edition!!

Today I filled in for Silvia B on Sky 106 with the Thursday Edition of Faithfully Random. It has been awhile since I’ve done a show, and I hoped you all enjoyed it. For those who weren’t able to tune in, there is always the archive!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!!


  • Belle – by Disney – from Beauty and the Beast
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Cover Comparison

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  • Rise – by Cimorelli
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  • Carried Away – by The Willis Clan
  • Mascara – by Megan Nicole
  • Stars – by Skillet
  • Beautiful Times (feat. Lindsey Stirling) – by Owl City
  • Crank it Up Promo
  • Instant Request Liner 01 Promo
  • Look Through My Eyes – by Everlife – (Request)
  • Far Cry from Leavin’ – by Terry Kelly
  • Boys from Boston – by The Willis Clan
  • Make it Stronger – by Cimorelli
  • Kokomo – by The Beach Boys
  • The God I Know – by Love & the Outcome
  • His Spirit Rocks Promo
  • All Creatures of Our God and King – by David Crowder Band
  • O Praise the Name (Anastasis) – by Hillsong Worship
  • The Saving One – by Starfield
  • We Believe – by Newsboys
  • Majesty (Here I Am) – by Hayley Westenra
  • In Your Face Promo
  • Double 01 Promo
  • At the Cross (Love Ran Red) – by Chris Tomlin
  • Our God – by Chris Tomlin
  • The Very Next Thing – by Casting Crowns
  • Easy to Forget Me – by Cimorelli
  • Feel the Light – by Jennifer Lopez

Double Shot Request Set

  • Boot Scootin’ Cafe Promo
  • Here is Your Request Promo
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  • Save Water, Drink Beer – by Chris Young – (Request)
  • Aw Naw – by Chris Young – (Request)
  • We Owned the Night – by Lady Antebellum – (Request)
  • Stars Tonight – by Lady Antebellum – (Request)
  • Here’s to You (Live in Concert) – by Rascal Flatts – (Request)
  • Life is a Highway – by Rascal Flatts – (Request)
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  • Kiss the Girl – by Colbie Calliat – (Request)
  • Philadelphia Freedom (Bonus Track) – by Elton John – (Request)
  • Lions – by Skillet
  • Hope Will Lead Us On – by BarlowGirl
  • Echoes in Rain – by Enya
  • Double 02 Promo
  • The River – by The Rankins
  • Rise Again – by The Rankins


Faithfully Random – Thursday Edition – September 8, 2016



Second Power Chair Trial Completed! – Rental Power Chair in My Future?

Just completed my second power chair trial this morning with Marie, the ADP authorizer. Of course, like the last one, it went so well. By the end of it, it was decided that Emily, the person from OMS, would bring out a rental chair for me to use, with one final step.

Sometime next week, Laura, my OT, and Marie, another OT/ADP authorizer, will come out to tackle traffic, pedestrians, and all that to see how that goes. If that is successful, the rental is mine to use until the funding comes in for my actual power chair.

Is it that time yet?

I’m way too impatient!!

I so can’t wait to ace that test too!! I can, and I will!!

Until next time…

First Trial Completed – Now a Waiting Game Once Again!

So, as I expected, I was super excited for my trial with a power wheelchair yesterday, and it went well!! I think I shocked my OT, Laura, and the person who brought the chair out, Emily. They both were rather impressed.

I firstly traveled in my house, and they both said that’s usually the trickiest part. Then I proceeded to outside, and went down my sidewalk, tested the bumpiest sidewalk from hell, is what I call it without a power chair. I am surprised at awesome I did with that.

Here’s proof of said awesome trial!! Super stoked!!

Faith in Power Chair

Next step:

Laura and Emily are gonna come back out with the ADP authorizer, Marie, and gonna do another trial. I so can’t wait for that!!! Can it come now, please?

Please… now…

This particular blog is done.