Welcome to 5am!!

So, this is insane… insomnia has decided to come and visit me. Watching Big Brother Canada Season 2 as I write this. Apparently I’m not in a mood for sleep, but tired enough to. I seem to be restless as soon as I lie down, so sleep isn’t in my future… for now.

I’m probably gonna do another scrapbook type post after this random one. Although, I have no new pictures to put up. I know for one thing though, when I get my trial run in a power chair, that *will* be posted… guaranteed.

Hmmmm… do I feel like cream of wheat for early breakfast? Maybe. I think I might just do that. Only problem though… I still can’t seem to find my whisk, and that’s a problem for when I make it. Or, just might make something else, but I dunno what.

See how random this post is?

This is what insomnia does to me… makes me write random things at random times. That’s the story of me.

Well, I suppose I’m gonna stop blabbing about nothing… for now.