Faithfully Random on XTFM!

Since I haven’t written a blog for this show in a few weeks, I figured I’d get back on track with that. This show featured songs from Cimorelli’s latest album, “Up at night,” which came out on May 17, for those who pre-orded it.

To order the album, you can go to:

PledgeMusic OR,


The three videos put up during their journey to album release are:

Hearts on Fire

I’m a Mess


Fall Back

For those who were able to listen to my show, and the song selection from “Up at Night,” I hope you enjoyed it. For those wouldn’t listen live, that is what the archive is for. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!


  • The Mob Song – by Disney – from Beauty and the Beast
  • 80s Flashback Promo
  • Cowboy Alan – This is XTFM Promo
  • Up at Night – by Cimorelli
  • Jig for Jessica – by Mr. Mike & The Willis Clan
  • Courageous – by Megan Nicole
  • The Girl is On a Roll Tonight – by Terry Kelly
  • Cemetery at Midnight Promo
  • Make It Stronger – by Cimorelli
  • Chasing Love – by The Willis Clan
  • Far Cry From Leavin’ – by Terry Kelly
  • Sing a Song – by Third Day
  • Glad you Came – by Megan Nicole
  • Gina’s Organized Chaos Promo
  • Easy to Forget Me – by Cimorelli
  • Carried Away – by The Willis Clan
  • Beautiful Times (Feat. Lindsey Stirling) – by Owl City
  • God Bless Angela’s Ashes – by Terry Kelly
  • The God I Know – by Love & the Outcome
  • Whole Dang Music Spectrum Promo
  • Worth the Fight – by Cimorelli
  • Momma – by The Willis Clan
  • Deer in the Headlights – by Owl City
  • All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises – by Paul Baloche
  • Oh Yeah – by Great Big Sea
  • Country Storm Promo
  • Let Your Hair Down – by John King
  • Rain is a Good Thing – by Luke Bryan
  • Rock This Country – by Shania Twain
  • Beautiful Weather – by Amy Duggar
  • Good Girls – by Beverley Mitchell
  • Don’t Know the Power of XTFM Promo
  • Brave Heart – by Cimorelli
  • House Divided – by Josh Wilson
  • Everyday (Radio Mix) – by Lincoln Brewster
  • What a Promise – by Love & the Outcome
  • Dear Younger Me – by MercyMe

Double Shot Set

  • It’s a Gas Promo
  • Double Play (Sona) Promo
  • Sunsets and Heartbreak – by Cimorelli
  • Headlights – by Cimorelli
  • Crazy ABC’s – by Barenaked Ladies
  • Alcohol – by Barenaked Ladies
  • Company of Fools – by Great Big Sea
  • Scolding Wife – by Great Big Sea

Triple Shot Set

  • Monkey Application Promo
  • Triple Play (Sona) Promo
  • Come With Me – by The Willis Clan
  • Bitter Cold – by The Willis Clan
  • Heaven Reprise – by The Willis Clan
  • Echoes in Rain – by Enya
  • Even in the Shadows – by Enya
  • I Could Never Say Goodbye – by Enya
  • Bells – by The Rankins
  • The River – by The Rankins
  • Rise Again – by The Rankins