Faithfully Random on XTFM!

Tonight’s show was awesome!! I even featured the non-acoustic version of “Hearts on Fire,” by Cimorelli. To pre-order their debut full length album, among other things, go to:

Once you do that, you’ll get an all access pass to all of their behind the scenes stuff. So awesome!!

If you were able to tune into the show, I hope you enjoyed it! If not, here is the archive! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!


  • The Mob Song – by Disney – from Beauty and the Beast

Cover Comparison

  • 80s Flashback Promo
  • This is X Transmission FM Promo
  • I Hope You Dance – by Lee Ann Womack
  • I Hope You Dance – by Mandisa
  • What Can I Say – by The Willis Clan
  • Sing a Song – by Third Day
  • Cemetery at Midnight Promo
  • The Power of the Dream – by Terry Kelly
  • City That I’m Looking For
  • Beat the Drum – by Great Big Sea
  • Keys to the Kingdom – by Group 1 Crew
  • Hearts on Fire – by Cimorelli
  • Musical Meltdown Time Change Promo
  • All That She Wants – by Ace of Base
  • Million Bucks – by Cimorelli
  • Jar of Hearts – by Megan Nicole
  • Scolding Wife – by Great Big Sea
  • The Definition of Me (Featuring Bianca from Group 1 Crew) – by Mandisa
  • Gina’s Organized Chaos Promo
  • Carried Away – by The Willis Clan
  • Oh Yeah – by Great Big Sea
  • No One Like You – by BarlowGirl
  • Soul on Fire (Feat. All Sons & Daughters) – by Third Day
  • Don’t Turn Around – by Ace of Base

Double Shot Country Set

  • Country Storm Promo
  • Double Play (Sona) Promo
  • Friends in Low Places (Long Version) – by Garth Brooks
  • The Thunder Rolls (Long Version) – by Garth Brooks
  • On Your Lips – John King
  • Baseball Cap – by John King
  • Good Girls – by Beverley Mitchell
  • Nothin’ Bout Nothin’ – by Beverley Mitchell
  • It’s a Gas Promo
  • A – by Barenaked Ladies
  • Unsaid Things (Acoustic) – by Cimorelli
  • Waterfall – by Chris Tomlin
  • Stronger – by Mandisa
  • Far Cry From Leavin’ – by Terry Kelly
  • 100 Times Better – by The Willis Clan
  • The River Sings – by Enya

2nd Double Shot Set

  • Nothin’ but the Hits Promo
  • Double Play (Sona) Promo
  • February Song – by Josh Groban
  • So She Dances – by Josh Groban
  • Echoes in Rain – by Enya
  • Dark Sky Island – by Enya
  • Summer Rain – by Hayley Westenra
  • Summer Fly – by Hayley Westenra
  • Bells – by The Rankins
  • Rise Again – by The Rankins