I Won the Financial Battle!


Can this really be happening?

I’m happy to say that, yes, apparently it is!!

Most of you remember some of my rants of Para Transpo, and the battles I have had with them… I call this company Para Stranded for a reason! I’m not sure if I’ve told you blog readers about the protest and the aftermath. If I haven’t, here it goes!

The protest was about the accessibility of Para Transpo’s new buses, and some of the issues with them, as well as clients have received collection letters for as little as $1.00 to be paid within two months, or their account will be suspended. In my case, however, my bill is in the hundreds, and I would not be able to pay it by the deadline of March 1st!

The Para Transpo buses look like this:

New Para Bus

As you can see, the ramp is way too steep and unsafe for people to board the bus. That’s not the fact of why I am writing this.

In regards to my outstanding balance, I ended up talking to the girl who wrote for the Metro paper in Ottawa through this whole protest, and I received the best news ever! Here is the article:


My jaw is *still* on the floor! O… M… G!!! Wow!!

That is all!!