My Christmas!

Christmas this year was literally jam packed. I spent Christmas Eve with my biological family, which was truly awesome! Stayed there until the afternoon of Christmas Day. I ended up sleeping at my Auntie’s house, with my cousin Ben. Even though I met him before when he was grown, I still couldn’t get the picture of him being a baby out of my head, and both him and my cousin Haydie came to my 12th birthday, and they were both smaller. Now, however, Haydie is currently living in England, and Ben is already looking into colleges for next year. Boy, have times ever changed! I still can’t believe it!

My younger brother Keith ended up making the entire Christmas dinner by himself. He’s a cook, like I am, however, I’ve never made turkey, so he has one up on me. I also got to meet my nephew Oliver for the first time, which was awesome! He’s like me, definitely not shy.

We ended up having dinner at my Grandmama and Granddad’s house, which was awesome! My grandmother has a dog, Mia. She decided to lie down between the back of the couch, and my back… too cute! Mia definitely picked my Grandma, most definitely! My biological mother’s dog is definitely independent like her owner. 🙂 She will let you pet her, if you go to her yourself. Dawn will give you a hug fi you go and give her one. It’s kinda neat to see how those two fit each other’s personalities well.

Before I left for the evening, I got a throw blanket with a bunny on it from Grandmama and Granddad… so awesome!! I’ll definitely find use for it, most definitely!

The whole time with my biological family was awesome! I definitely can’t wait for the next get together! Now that I was on my way back to Ottawa, it was time to get ready for Steven’s family gathering. I could already tell I was gonna be wiped out by the time his family gathering was done. Yet, of course, I was still excited.

The gathering ended up happening at his sister’s new house. Another Christmas dinner to be had, plus a gift exchange game. In that game, I stole a utensil set from Steven, which I was glad of. His family also had personalized stockings and gifts for us as well. All in all, an awesome evening. Although, as I figured, by the end, I was beat.

All in all, both Christmases were awesome!! I can’t wait until next Christmas, to do it all over again!