Welcome to Christmas on Black Friday!

Written on November 28, 2015

So, I may, or may not have mentioned that I would be co-hosting again with Wes, who is also a DJ at XTFM, and I got to co-host with him for yesterday’s Christmas Special. Yes, I know it may be too early for some, but I’m tell you, it was a lot of fun! It kinda got me into the Christmas mode, and as a result, there may be a Christmas themed set in my show tonight!

I definitely enjoy co-hosting with Wes, because there is never any dead air. No dead air is always a good thing. He normally does his musical meltdown on Tuesdays, starting at 9pm EST! His shows definitely contain lots of randomness, which is why the meltdown got its name. It’s his musical meltdown!!

If you wish to listen, or download yesterday’s Christmas Meltdown Special, you can do that by going here:

The Randomly Melted Down Christmas on XTFM Hosted by Wes Derby and DJ Faithful

It was certainly a lot of fun putting 4+ hours of music and conversation together. Even though I was only the co-host, it was nice to contribute in some way to the awesome Christmas special! Enjoy! 🙂